Princess Half Marathon Weekend Preview

Registration for runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon weekened opens today for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members. Registration for everyone else opens at noon on July 15.

If you read my blog or follow me on social media you know my love for runDisney runs deep (ha, see what I did there) 

princess half banner

runDisney events are all inclusive. You can run, walk, run with your kids. There’s no pressure, no judging, just a whole lot of FUN! I love knowing that I will be seeing friends that I don’t often get to see when we all get together at runDinsey events. That makes the magic, well, more magical.

I love having a deadline and goal to train for. If you are going to set a goal and put the training in, being able to see your favourite characters along the way just makes it more special! 

snow white princess half


Why am I writing this post? I want YOU, yes YOU to run with me.

I know you might be thinking “running is not my idea of fun” This is what I can promise you, you will have fun and the experience of a lifetime…that’s a promise. I know, the thought of a half marathon or a 10k is scary, but you need to look at it as a challenge. You don’t have to run all the way. You will stop to see your favourite characters and I will be there with you, to make sure you cross that finish line and get your bling! 

princess bling

Worried about training or getting into running shape? You have a ton of time to train and if you need some help or support, let me know. I will make sure you’re on the “right path” (get it…running inuendo…jokes for days I have!) I will make sure you are eating the right food, I will keep you motivated and accountable.

Why would you not want to run? You will meet incredible people, create magical memories, like stopping and getting the Starbucks Barista’s to take a pic with you mid run!

sbux princess

If you have questions…ask away – Im here to help, that’s what I love to do; it’s my passion. I would love to join you and together we can run like princesses. The more the merrier! Here are a few pics from the last Princess Half Marathon Weekend. 

Fit For A Princess Expo – another big part of the weekend #shoes 



princess expo


Royal Family 5k – wth @grandmaryb @bamagirlruns – ummm Grand Mary is 60 years old and she runs…NO EXCUSES people! 

princess 5k

Running through Epcot of course, I’m stopping in Canada! 

epcot princess canada

Who doesn’t love this guy?!  I’m goofy for Goofy

baseball goofy

There is just somethin’ about Mary, that makes seeing her on your run just extra special #SeenOnMyRun

mary poppins

Oh yes…getting my praise on during the run (It was Sunday morning) !! Gospel Choir- check! Just when you think you are tired, you hear these voices and it fires you up to keep going!!

choir princess


Post run with a few of my favourite princesses – I love these girls!! @susanpazera @bamagirlruns – look at us all matchy match! Go visit their blogs &

post pic susan bama


One of my favourite Disney Dads – fellow Disney Parks Mom’s Panelist @Marclorenzo #DisneyMP

marc lorenzo

A little photobomb action by me with Disney Social Media royalty @leannej



Pre race pic with more Disney Sports royalty – @Dfry – he gave us our 5am pep talk

508 (1)


So nice to chat with @samhowzit pre race – such a swell guy! 

steven miller


Sweat, laughs, magical moments and at the end it was worth it for the bling! 

post princess bling pic

Run with me. I promise you will have the time of your life!! 


Happy National Running Day — 10 Reasons to Run, even if you don’t like running!

Happy National Running Day!

Yes, this is a day to celebrate!

I like running…weird, I know. I like to run for so many reasons and at the same time it makes me crazy because I just want to be a better runner and that doesn’t come easy. Time + training = better runner.

Running is not effortless for me, it’s hard.  I have to always remind myself to check my form/posture, be aware of my breathing, make sure my shoulders are not up by my ear lobes, look at my feet to make sure I’m not getting lazy and start to pronate.

Running keeps it real for me.

Somedays you run and feel incredible and somedays those runs are tough and terrible and it takes more mental work to keep going than physical work to stay going.

Running is a metaphor for life….you can always improve.



What are your reasons for running?

Not “into” running, I just gave you 10 reasons, give it a try!!!


It’s about the climb.

Here is my stair training / cross training article to improve your run.


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As runners we are always looking for that edge. That little extra something that will increase our speed, distance, endurance or just make the long flat roads a little more exciting. Here’s what will give you that extra kick, along with a welcome diversion from pavement pounding when you’re battling the open road.

Stair Training
Runners require strength and power and a stair workout will deliver both. Plus stair training will also improve your aerobic conditioning, core and flexibility along with improving your VO2 Max. Let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little VO2 in their lives?

Did you know?: Stairs are steeper than most hills! In fact, most staircases are at approximately a 65% grade, while Boston’s Heart Break Hill is 4.5%.

Workout #1: The Scarlett O’Hara Workout
1) Run up and down the stairs.
2) Run the stairs, using every other step up and single steps down.
3) While holding onto the railing, descend the stairs by taking two jumps onto each single.
4) Turn your body and ascend the stairs sideways, then descend taking forward facing single steps.
5) Turn your body to the opposite direction and ascend the stairs sideways.

Repeat: 2 to 3 times.

6) Perform forward lunges on the ascend and face forward coming down.
7) Jump up onto each stair, landing into a squat position.
8) Perform a side lunge onto a stair lowering your body into a side squat, then side lunge onto the next step into lowering your body into a side squat.
Repeat this 2-3x

Finish this workout:
1) Push-ups: 20 reps
2) Triceps Dips: 20 reps
3) Knee Tucks: 20 reps

Repeat: 2 to 3 times.

Depending on the amount of time you have for your workout, repeat the entire workout two to three times. Then stretch.

Workout #2 – The Stairway to Heaven Workout

1) Run the stairs three times.
1A) Ten burpees at the top and 10 burpees at the bottom.
2) Run the stairs four times.
2A) Twenty push-ups at the top of the staircase and 20 push ups at the bottom.

3) Run the staircase five times.
3A) Thirty ski jumps (or alternating jumping lunges) at the top of the staircase and jumps at the bottom.

4) Run the stairs six times.
4A) Hold the plank for one minute at the top and a one-minute plank at the bottom.

Repeat this entire sequence 3 to 4 times, then stretch.

Incorporating stair training into your running program will help develop your strength, improve your cardiovascular fitness, which ultimately makes you a better runner.



Find your why and you’ll find your reason.

Yesterday was a big day, the 2014 Boston Marathon. Be a Unicorn

After last year’s bombing  this was the year to show and prove that nothing will keep runners or the city of Boston down, #BostonStrong #RunStrong. Last year I wrote about how it felt like my family was attacked for no reason.

There were a lot of hero’s on the course yesterday. Anyone that can qualify for Boston is a running hero in my eyes! Anyone that commits to their goal (weight loss, running, being healthy) and follows through on it, is a hero in my eyes.

Linda Ambard was one of those who crossed the finish line yesterday. Linda ran Boston last year and was at Mile 26 when the bombs went off. Linda’s story is real. Watch this video to hear what makes Linda so amazing, what she has overcome and why she is a hero; representing a HERO.  Have the tissue ready!!

Linda ran yesterday because she was not going to let terrorism, domestic or otherwise, or anything else take away what’s important to her.

Linda is a hero.

We all have a story. We can’t give up because things are turned upside down. We can’t always control what happens in our lives and around us but we can control HOW WE RESPOND TO OUR CHALLENGES.

Find your why and you’ll find your reason.Boston Marathon Boston Strong


3 Indoor Workouts

Here is my post from the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon blog. Honoured to be featured. 

Indoor Workouts!

It is tough to find time to work out. As runners, we will always make sure we get our runs in but so many runners neglect strength training. Adding in strength training workouts can help your running and help prevent injuries!

Here are three quick at home workouts to try. These workouts will incorporate all of your muscle groups which will help with balance, joint stability, and endurance. The stronger you are the better your runs will be. It is important to s-t-r-e-t-c-h after your workouts. You will feel better and recover faster. If you have weights at home, use them to challenge yourself!


A stronger runner, is a faster runner!

This post was written by one of our Rock ‘n’ Blog members, Carrie Burrows. To learn more about Carrie, read her blog or follow her on Twitter!

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For a Run

Been there

Been there

1. What a beautiful day for a run!
2. This sucks.
3. Well, five miles is only two and half miles each way, which is basically two miles each way, so I’m really only running four miles. That’s not too far.
4. It’s starting to feel far.
5. How long have I been running? A year?
7. I can barely remember what my life was like before I started this run.
8. OK, concentrate. There are still four-plus miles to go.
9. But who counts the first and last mile? This is pretty much an easy three miler.
10. Oh, shit! A fellow jogger!
11. Should I wave?
12. I’m totally gonna wave.
13. OOOK, they didn’t wave back. Never doing that again.
14. Just keep running, no one saw. Except that old guy who may or may not be averting his eyes.
15. Man, I think I’m hitting that “second wind” thing my gym coach was talking about.
16. Wait, never mind. I’ve been running down a decline.
17. If I leap to avoid dog shit, does that make me a CrossFit athlete?
18. What the heck is CrossFit anyway?
19. Mental reminder: Google CrossFit when I get home.
20. If I ever get home.
21. If I had a heart attack right now, I wonder who would find my body.
22. OMG, I hope I never find a dead body. Joggers always find dead bodies.
23. Bodies. Body. Bod-ay. Runnin’ all day, no one can catch … may.
24. OK, I must be halfway done by now.
25. What?! Only two miles in?
26. Alright, stay focused. What am I going to eat when I get home?
27. I’m running five miles so I should probably eat five slices of pizza.
28. Or I could buy one pizza and ask them to cut it into five slices.
29. I should probably get a side salad too.
30. …
31. Fuck the salad actually.
32. Man, what are these people doing in front of me? Walking?!
33. Is this a contest to see who’s the worst at walking? Because you are both champions in my heart.
34. Maybe if I pound my feet on the ground they’ll hear me coming and let me pass.
35. Oh, God. They didn’t turn around and now I’m right behind them. They’re going to think they’re getting mugged by the world’s sweatiest criminal.
36. You know what? Now seems like a good time to run in the street.
37. * Jumps off curb * Parkour!
38. Hi hi hi please don’t hit me with your car.
39. Pedestrian pedestrianizing over here, let me cross.
40. Thank you, Mr. Blue Honda. I’m trying to smile at you but it probably looks like I’m having a stroke.
41. Actually, I wonder what I look like right now.
42. * Checks out reflection in shop window * Yeesh.
43. Is that what I look like when I run? What am I, a newborn deer with a drinking problem?
44. Whatever, I must be almost done by now.
45. Heck yes. Three miles down, two to go. It’s all downhill from here.
46. Except for that very real uphill in front of me. God damnit.
47. Wait, is that… Is that…
48. A DOG!
49. Hi dog! You are so cute. You are now my mascot. I will finish this run for you, pup.
50. And — hello — what do we have here? Your human is pretty cute too.
51. Hope you like drunk fawns, Cute Human.
52. Watch my bambi ass prance up this hill.
53. Holy shit, prancing is exhausting. I am exhausted.
54. Honestly, I don’t even like running.
55. Why do I even run?
56. Why does anyone even run?
57. Why are we even alive?
58. OK, let’s not go down that road.
59. Focus. Focus on that sweet, delicious ‘za waiting at the finish line, calling your name with its cheesy breath.
60. Wait, less than one mile to go? I am KILLING this run.
62. YES, including ostriches.
63. Honestly, I should sign up for a marathon.
64. What is it, like 30 miles?
65. That’s just 15 miles each way, which is practically 10, and 10 is twice five, and I can run five miles EASY.
66. That’s it, I’m doing it. Thirty miles.
67. Thirty-mile marathon…30-mile marathon…30 Rock marathon.
68. On second thought, I’ll probably just binge-watch every episode of 30 Rock. That takes a lot of dedication and I will be winded from laughing so hard.
69. But I could probably do a marathon IF I wanted.
70. OK, almost home. Should I shower first and order pizza or order pizza and shower before it shows up?
71. Yep, definitely ordering first. I earned that shit.
72. Oh, no. Oh god no. Another runner. Should I wave?
73. No, be strong! Do not get burned again.
74. OMG, SHE waved first! Hello! Yes! We are both runners! Look at us run!
75. I guess running’s not so bad.


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I’m running!

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