Lemon, Lime, Cucumber Water…it does a body good

I drink a lot of water. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you already know that and you know I love flavoring my water. I do it in many ways but my favorite was is with fresh fruit. Simple plain fresh fruit. Sometimes it’s berries, other times melon but my standard fall back it lemon.

This weekend I added a little something extra, not the first time I’ve made this one but it reminded my how good it is and it has become my new goto summer drink. Lemon, lime and cucumber.

It tastes freakin’ awesome and the health benefits??? Second to a natural none! But let me break it all down for you.

Lemon Water

Lemon is nature’s bleach. It cleans and disinfects you from the inside out…it’s like using Purell on your hands and we all know to a germaphobe how goods that is. Try it from the inside out. While drinking Purell may kill you, lemon water will clean you.

  • Lemons are acidic by nature so they help to keep the all important pH levels of your body in check.
  • Lemons can help the body stave off (not cure) cancer.
  • You know that magic vitamin we call C?  Lemons are loaded with it which goes a long way to help protect you against other people’s problems like colds and the flu.
  • Decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Vitamin C in lemons helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease. Drinking of lemon juice mixed with water and honey brings glow to the skin.
  • A few drops of lemon juice in hot water help to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well. Add the juice of one lemon to warm water and drink first thing in the morning.

Cucumber Water

  • Cucumbers contain silica which aids in keeping connective tissue healthy. This can help reduce sore joints and reduce the risk of tears and strains which can kill any workout.
  • Ever notice skin care and spas always show pictures of people with cucumber on their eyes? Cucumber rocks the skin tone! Even better than putting them on your skin, put it under your skin by drinking it. Skin doesn’t form on the outside of your body…it forms from within so why not build it better from the start?

Lime Water

  • Limes contain calcium and folate which are a bonus for younger women looking to procreate and for women who are moving in the post-menopausal part of life.
  • Limes, like lemons also aid in the cancer combat targeting the colon, stomach and blood. Some studies suggest that the magic juice of a lime stays active longer in your blood.
  • Add lime juice to your green tea for a killer taste and health punch.

Now take each individual part of the benefits of a lemon, a lime and a cucumber and add them all together and you have a great drink that is not only refreshing and tastes great but it is one super freakin’ good health drink.


Not everyone is into drinking infused water that allows the fruit or vegetables to get in the end of the straw or into their glass. The solution…a water bottle that keeps the water and fruit/veg separate.

My husband was at a conference last week and the good people at Oracle were offering freshness at their booth and he brought this one home for me.Water bottle flavour infuser

Here’s how it works: Slice up your favourite addsDSCN0585

Place the cut up pieces in the detachable container


Top with water


There are lots of different styles out there…find one that you like and get it. I really love mine.

Here is a search for them to help you start.

Sick Care vs Health Care


It’s that simple. YOU can prevent a number of diseases, illnesses, and sickness. All by the choices you make. 

Careless choices, eating junk all the time, not knowing the last time you ate a vegetable will fast track you into the Dr’s office.

Each meal, make the “right” choice. You are not depriving yourself, you are extending your life! 

Don’t be one of “those” people who end up sick and on 10 different kinds of meds saying ” I wish I would’ve taken better care of myself” 

Be Better NOW! 




Here is a website I came across and EVERYONE should use it.

Instantly compare two foods 



Of course the example had to list the donut…ugh…

If you are waiting in a food line deciding what to order, use this site and make the better choice!

I would love to hear your experience using it and if it helped you make a better food choice! I would also love to hear the better choices you are making and how your life has changed!! Report back troops!


Be healthy. If you won’t do it for yourself, then do it for your loved ones. I guarantee they want you are around for a loooooong time! 


Be a Flu Fighter

You can’t go anywhere right now without seeing a sign for Flu shots.  Everywhere you turn there is a clinic set up offering a simple shot to help protect you against the flu.


I’m not going to say whether you should or shouldn’t get the shot, but I am going to say that you should do everything you can to protect yourself from becoming a victim of this mean little “bug”.

The best defense against the flu is a strong offence.  Don’t let the coughing, headache, body ache, fever, chills, vomiting and everything else virus get you this year.


Here are some simple things-reminders you can do to help protect yourself.

1.)  Wash you hands!  You touch people’s hands, doors, railings and elevator buttons all day long.  Have you ever thought what other people are leaving behind…gahhhh can you say gross? Not near a sink…no worries, always, I mean always carry a good hand sanitizer with you.

2.)  Nutrition. Eat foods that are full of antioxidants.  Fruits and vegetables are your best bet in that department.  Think the colours of the rainbow over a dark leafy base.  You can also supplement with vitamins.  Look for vitamins A, B, C, D and E.  A good multi will do the trick.  Don’t wait till you feel symptoms…tis the season!

3.)  Get outside in the fresh air.  Just because its cold out, you need to get out and take in some fresh air.  If the sun is shining, go suck it in.  The lack of daylight hours this time of year can zap your vitamin D so why not get it the natural way to help.

4.)  Exercise!  Yes, believe it or not exercise can help fight off the nasty little virus.  Studies have shown that exercise can boost you immune system function and a stronger healthier body is better equipped to keep you going strong.

5.)  Rest.  Sleep and recovery are always essential, but as we gear up for the heavy celebration season, you really need to help your body recover and rest with sleep.

6.)  Be a considerate parent.  If your wee ones are under the weather, don’t send them to school.  Even if they don’t have the flu, you’re just asking for their weak bodies to suck up the petri dish of disease that is the classroom.  And if your child does have the flu, for goodness sakes, keep them home.  Yes its tough to keep them home that extra day, but other parents will thank you and there isn’t anything like a little extra cuddle time with your babies.

7.)  Cover your mouth when you cough.  No, this doesn’t help  you much, but when others see you doing it, they may remember to do it as well.  Cough into your elbow, not your hands (refer to point 1).

8.)  Avoid refined sugar.  Ever wonder why Flu season starts just after Halloween, ramps up over Christmas and settles down at Easter???  Sugar!!!

9.)  Mind your minerals.  Just like vitamins, minerals are best taken before the onset of the flu. Zinc, selenium and Iron have all been proven beneficial in the flu fight.

10.) Lot’s o’ liquids. Stay hydrated. Water is a must!

There is no way to guarantee yourself a flu free year, but if you take these steps, you will be increasing your odds.  Tis the season to be a germaphobe so celebrate!



What I learned (observed) in the emerg yesterday

So this germaphobe spent yesterday in the emergency room…makes me shiver just saying that, you should’ve seen me sitting there.

My son was sick and he had gotten worse over night. We went to the walk in clinic in the morning, they sent us directly over to the hospital.

He is on the mend and he was very patient with his germaphobic mother. He kept saying that we could leave because he knew I was so uncomfortable, bless his little heart.

There were a few moments that I wasn’t all consumed with the fact I was surrounded by sick people. In those few moments, there were many glaring observations I was able to make.

The ER was packed-PACKED. The health care system is busting at the seams. Why is it busting at the seams?  A couple of reasons…because people are abusing the system and people don’t give a dang about their health.

To take the load off of the ER-health care system one easy answer is PREVENTION.

In yesterday’s visit from the people who I saw, 80% would not be there if they had taken care of their health.

I will spare you the rant about how some of those people said their illness/issues weren’t obesity related.  Suffice to say that 20 extra pounds of fat around your heart is a big deal.

What is sad and maddening is that those people who are “ill” or are suffering don’t care. They are fine with taking 7 different kinds of medications, seeing the inside of an ER monthly but heaven forbid someone say to them, “Stop eating hot dogs drinking pop and start exercising.”

So many diseases can be prevented that’s the kicker.  

Ignore your health, keep eating the way you are and putting off getting fit is like getting a run in your pantyhose; it will just keeps getting worse.

What else did I see in the ER…

I saw someone come in with footie pajama’s….for the love…I can’t even begin to express what shock I was in. Yes, It was an adult!!! Being out in public in your PJs?  Come on. Listen, before you say anything, I know when you are sick and you don’t feel like getting dressed but footie pj’s…the dirt and germs….no shoes, just footie pj’s that they will likely walk around the house in when they get home….tracking in all of those sick germs–GAH!

Another eyebrow raise came when I saw half a dozen hospital staff working in the offices walking around in business attire and wearing shoes that they could not walk in. Trust me, I get wearing cute shoes…but when you walk in shoes that are too high or don’t fit…you just look crazy.  You look like you are walking an invisible tight rope. You lose that professional image in every teetering step!

It is an unspoken law that when you are sick, cough in your elbow or use a kleenex or even in your hand. I am not sure what turnip truck you fell off that you think it is ok to cough with your mouth wide open and not cover your germ spewing hole!!!  GAH!!!!

Being unhealthy is a choice….harsh, perhaps. If you live a healthy life, eat real food and exercise you have better chances of not being ill. If you are overweight, continue to abuse your body by neglecting it and eating food you know darn well isn’t food then you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.

Prevention…so many obesity related diseases are preventable. If you think that the 20-30 pounds you have been carrying around for the last year is no big deal, think again.

You’re in the driver’s seat…if you are unfit and unhealthy…that’s all you. You and your excuses will get you another 20-30lbs

Yes, I’m fired up because I had to sit in the ER all day with a sick little one, when more than half of the people there should not have been there in the first place!

Happy with where you are?  You probably don’t want it bad enough.  Content with carrying extra weight?  Think about the people who love you.  The ones who don’t want to have to visit you in the hospital or who don’t want to dole out your medication.

Take care of yourself–be in control of your future.