Energy, Healthy Snack and a Foam Attack – Friday Favs

Another edition of Friday Favourites!!

There are a lot of things that I love but this week these things really stand out.

Starting out with food of course!

These are my favourite crackers. I was thrilled to see them back on the shelves at Costco. That is one thing that irks me, when I fall in love with a product/item and it’s not available all the time. Stop tormenting us buyers at the big box food store!

These brown rice crackers are gluten free and they’re baked –win/win!!! They’re also trans fat free, Kosher, non GMO and no cholesterol—what the what?! #winning

I eat them with hummus, salsa, egg salad, guacamole. I actually had them today with some natural PB and it hit the spot. I have tried a few of their products and they are all fantastic!!

ss rice


Next up, still at Costco. I picked up a new flavour of Zip Fizz…Ice Tea!! WHAT???

It is really good! I am a total fan girl of Zip Fizz and this flavour is great!!


This does perk up my energy – 20 calories and ZERO sugar, oh yeah!!!zippfizz2

Those afternoons when your energy starts to dip and you need a pop of energy, this is my go to.


Last up on this Friday Favourites is the good ‘ol foam roller.

I did a great leg workout earlier this week and boy oh boy my hamstrings were t-i-g-h-t the next day…walking funny kind of tight #notcute

This unsuspecting piece of foam is so effective, it really does work and everyone should have and USE it.

If you can’t get in for regular massages or don’t stretch like you should then this torture device…I mean… this magical tube of foam is what you need #trustme

I’ve used this on my legs, back, and even my neck…neck knots buh bye!!!

Just put it on your shopping list and pick one up this weekend!!


Roll away those tight muscles!!

PS – This is not a sponsored blog post. These are just a few of my favorite things that I like to share with my friends, like you. BUT…if you are a brand that would like to work with me, then let me know through my contact page.

Lemon, Lime, Cucumber Water…it does a body good

I drink a lot of water. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you already know that and you know I love flavoring my water. I do it in many ways but my favorite was is with fresh fruit. Simple plain fresh fruit. Sometimes it’s berries, other times melon but my standard fall back it lemon.

This weekend I added a little something extra, not the first time I’ve made this one but it reminded my how good it is and it has become my new goto summer drink. Lemon, lime and cucumber.

It tastes freakin’ awesome and the health benefits??? Second to a natural none! But let me break it all down for you.

Lemon Water

Lemon is nature’s bleach. It cleans and disinfects you from the inside out…it’s like using Purell on your hands and we all know to a germaphobe how goods that is. Try it from the inside out. While drinking Purell may kill you, lemon water will clean you.

  • Lemons are acidic by nature so they help to keep the all important pH levels of your body in check.
  • Lemons can help the body stave off (not cure) cancer.
  • You know that magic vitamin we call C?  Lemons are loaded with it which goes a long way to help protect you against other people’s problems like colds and the flu.
  • Decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Vitamin C in lemons helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease. Drinking of lemon juice mixed with water and honey brings glow to the skin.
  • A few drops of lemon juice in hot water help to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well. Add the juice of one lemon to warm water and drink first thing in the morning.

Cucumber Water

  • Cucumbers contain silica which aids in keeping connective tissue healthy. This can help reduce sore joints and reduce the risk of tears and strains which can kill any workout.
  • Ever notice skin care and spas always show pictures of people with cucumber on their eyes? Cucumber rocks the skin tone! Even better than putting them on your skin, put it under your skin by drinking it. Skin doesn’t form on the outside of your body…it forms from within so why not build it better from the start?

Lime Water

  • Limes contain calcium and folate which are a bonus for younger women looking to procreate and for women who are moving in the post-menopausal part of life.
  • Limes, like lemons also aid in the cancer combat targeting the colon, stomach and blood. Some studies suggest that the magic juice of a lime stays active longer in your blood.
  • Add lime juice to your green tea for a killer taste and health punch.

Now take each individual part of the benefits of a lemon, a lime and a cucumber and add them all together and you have a great drink that is not only refreshing and tastes great but it is one super freakin’ good health drink.


Not everyone is into drinking infused water that allows the fruit or vegetables to get in the end of the straw or into their glass. The solution…a water bottle that keeps the water and fruit/veg separate.

My husband was at a conference last week and the good people at Oracle were offering freshness at their booth and he brought this one home for me.Water bottle flavour infuser

Here’s how it works: Slice up your favourite addsDSCN0585

Place the cut up pieces in the detachable container


Top with water


There are lots of different styles out there…find one that you like and get it. I really love mine.

Here is a search for them to help you start.

Friday Favs – The Snack Edition

Happy Fri-YAY!!

I get asked alot about my favourite things. Favourite shoes, favourite places to eat, favourite workout clothes, etc. So I thought I would start today off with a “Friday Favs – The Snack Edition.”

First up…energy!

Energy, in the form of a drink? I don’t always support the notion of a drink being a source of energy, but here is an exception. I have never been a fan of Red Bull or other energy drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good caffeine fix and I am just like you, I can hit a wall at 3pm and need a good kick-start or jolt to keep me moving along.

ZipFizz is a super low-calorie energy drink that comes in a few flavours, orange cream is my fav. I would prefer it be to non carbonated but does the trick! I picked this up at Costco. (sorry about the blurry pic, ugh)

I’ve had four of their flavours and all of them have a good taste and great energy supply when you need it.




Next up are Party Tizers – Dippin Chips


Party-Tizers – Dippin Chips.

Gluten free, non GMO, no added flavours, preservatives or junk. These bad boys are awesome!! I love them with hummus, guac, salsa, goat cheese or just plain. These are great for a healthy homemade nacho night or a quick snack. Again, another purchase from Costco. I have 3 kids I need to buy everything in bulk people! My husband loves them with a little Brie and Red Pepper Jelly, baked in the oven for a few minutes.  Their shape makes each one a little bowl!

Did you see the package? Kale, carrot and spinach! My kids love eating these. Kale, carrot, spinach sneaking into their diet. Folks, that is a definite #ParentWIN!

On the go

For an on the go snack I like to have a Kind bar every once in a while. My hands down fav flavour is the coconut almond. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to eat this and all that was left was the wrapper. This purchase was from WalMart. I was starving and this saved me from making a bad decision like hitting a drive through or making a poor food choice  because I was hungry.  Having a snack with you like a Kind Bar can really help you through those ‘challenging’ times. These bars come in a variety of flavours.


All natural, gluten-free, low glycemic. Real ingredients that you can pronouce.

That is all for my “Friday Fav’s – The Snack Edition.

Transparency Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products. I was not asked to write this. I’m sharing my favourites because they actually are a few of my favourite things and I love to share healthy food and snack choices.  BUT…If any companies want to sponsor me…you can always connect with me 🙂 .




What’s Really in In That Shamrock Shake?




Original from The Huffington Post



Want a healthy alternative? Try this…

Skinny Shamrock Shake

1 scoop Carrie Burrows Vanilla Protein

1 to 2 cups unsweetened Almond Milk or water

1 big handful of raw Spinach (no taste, so no worries)

handfull of ice

2-4 drops of mint extract

1 to 2 drop of green food colouring (option if not using Spinach)



Christmas jerks

Odd title to this blog post, I know…but I will explain.

I was at a Christmas party this week. It was great to socialize, meet new people, talk about a range of topics and then IT happened. 

“IT” was one of the party guests coming over to me insisting I eat some cookies or cake or have some of the appetizers. When I politely declined, she offered me other things wine, mixed drinks, some kind of Christmas creamy alcoholic conncoction and again I politely declined.


Before making my way to the party I had dinner. I was full so not to be tempted by any of the holiday food joy.

Back to my story…once I refused food for the second time, she rallied the troops. Mark…Carrie is not having any of the treats…go and make her up a plate. Which was followed by “you can afford to eat it, c’mon just have a plate” Then the host hollered over to another guest and said “Christine…Carrie needs to have some of your cheesecake doesn’t she?! grab her a piece”.

Smiling and kindly pushing away the food, I insisted that I was full. Her reply was “you are small, you should eat more AND it’s the holidays”



Look lady, I have been cordial and polite but enough was enough. So then I started…I told the host that none of the food there was on my nutrition plan, that most of that sugary, fattening stuff will make me sick to my stomach…then came the doozy and I said that I don’t need food to enjoy the company of others.

I’m know the host and most of these food pushing guests are very nice people but that night they were jerks.  In a not so mall way, they were being bullies.  Now that isn’t to minimize real world bullying, but you know what I mean.  I honestly felt like I was being bullied into joining in their experience.  


Food doesn’t equal happiness or a good time to me. I will add a disclaimer that yes, I have had meals and have said, “Hellooooo happiness” while eating said meal.

If you are big or small don’t give in to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Canada Day, Halloween food pushers.

Those Christmas calories add up fast and can get out of control fast.

This morning I got a phone call from one of the guests congratulating me on my stand and she asked me to put together a plan for her nutritional future.  She wants to start today…not after the holidays. 

Just like raising our children…when you stand up for what you believe in, the influence you can have on others is golden.

Celebrate being with the company of others.  Enjoy your time, fellowship and the company of others without the regret of doing something that you wouldn’t normally do and that doesn’t fit into your own nutritional plan.



Meal by Meal

The holiday season is in full swing, which means parties, treats, decadant drinks in seasonal red cups.

Some of you will still be cautious and some of you have already thrown caution into the wind and will worry about the consequences on Jan 1.

Let’s keep this simple. If you want / need to lose weight you get through it meal by meal.

You make each meal a success. Make each meal a win. Its a game…you need a strategy and a plan.



Each bad decision, which means every bad meal or bad choice sets you back. When you go to workout you might burn through that meal and not touch any of that stored fat. Keep making those bad decisions and … well, you know

Is it really worth it? Its not.

Losing any amount of weight is tough why keep punishing yourself by making it worse by making bad decisions. Let’s be honest, why play with your health or your life expectancy because you can’t say no to some cake or mashed potatoes?!

Get through each meal. 

Its easier to tackle a meal then to think about those 25lbs that need to leave your body.

Your body doesnt change until you do. Thinking that a helping of this or a cookie here or there wont set you back, it will. 



Only have healthy choices in the house. Pack your lunches. Have snacks on hand if you are running late. Have a game plan. Its not that complicated.



You determine if your weight changes. You are the one person who wins or loses….its all on you.



Halloween Tips & Tricks

Halloween is today!! It can be a scary time…….a scary food time. My former fat girl self needs to practice a lot of restraint walking up and down the isles that are lined with candy. Not to mention when it comes to inspecting my children’s candy when they get home ;(

Here are a few tips that help me and my family make our way thru this scary calorie time.
1.) “Fun” size candy is not food and those little bars of sugar add up–so if you think one or two wont hurt–they will!
Take a look at these numbers:
Calories Fat(g) Sugar(g)
Snickers  – Calories 72 Fat(g) 4 Sugar (g) 7
Reese’s PB Cup – Calories 80 Fat(g) 4.5 Sugar (g) 7
Milky Way – Calories 76 Fat(g) 3 Sugar (g) 11
M&M’s – Calories 79 Fat(g) 4 Sugar (g) 12
KitKat – Calories 73 Fat(g) 4 Sugar (g) 7
That’s a lot of sugar in a one bite snack.  Too much fat for one mouthful and a lot of empty calories that do you no good! And those are the numbers for just one little tiny bite, and stop lying when you say you will just have one!! 
Think about this:
-2 “fun sized” chocolate bars will require a brisk walk for 50 minutes: Just for 2!
-20 pieces of candy corn will require you to run the stairs for 25 minutes! Is it worth it??
-3 “fun sized” chocolate bars? You will have to jog for 30 minutes!
2.)  Those pumpkin seeds!!! Clean,rinse and dry them.   Toss them with 1 tbsp extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil and mix with a sprinkle of sea salt or cinnamon (get creative–any spice/seasoning will do) and put them in a tray in the oven bake at 350 for 20mins. Delicious and good for you.
3.) Don’t give out candy at all.  The less that is around you, the less you will be tempted.  Give out stickers, pencils, spider rings, glow sticks.  There are a lot of options other than candy! (Just watch out for the eggs for being “those people”.)
4.) Pack up the candy and find an organization to you can donate it to.  There are agencies that take candy and ship it to soldiers overseas.  There are also some dentists that buy the candy from you.  Great options!!
5.) This is a learning/teaching experience for your kids—read this one carefully: THEY DO NOT NEED BAGS OF CANDY! Do you want them to battle their weight when they are older? Do you really want to deal with kids that are spinning out on sugar???  Here is another message.  Please be nice to your kids teachers. Teachers do not need kids that have lunch boxes filled with Halloween candy who are spinning out of control all day.
Make this Halloween different.
Please do not hang on to this candy for months—you or your family do not need it.  We have “Harry the Halloween Fairy”  that comes in and steals candy after 3 days (which gets rationed while the kids have it.) Then…off to the soldiers.
Healthy Halloween Recipes:
Baked Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal
1/2c rolled outs
1 cup water
1/4-1/2c pumpkin puree
2 tbsp of non fat cottage cheese or greek yogurt
1/4 tsp baking powder
dash of sea salt
1 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp vanilla
-preheat over to 350
-combine all ingredients in an oven proof bowl-mix thoroughly
-bake for 30min
  • Pumpkin is low in fat and calories and contains anti-aging alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).
  • Cinnamon keeps your hunger at bay by stabilizing fluctuating blood sugar levels.
  • Nonfat cottage cheese/greek yogurt has 14-18 grams of  protein in a half cup serving.
  • Oats  soluble fiber and keep your heart healthy
Mint Monster Protein Shake
1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla boot camp protein powder
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp mint extract
1 handful of kale or spinach–makes it uber healthy and green!!!!
3-4 ice cubes (optional)
Mix, blend and enjoy