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Don’t be an April Fool; Excuses we make for gaining weight.

I saw this poster and needed to share it.
The truth hurts, but sometimes, we all need a wake up call.  Excuses are like belly buttons…every body has one!

Your April Promise:

  • I will become who I should have been all along
  • I will give 110% when I workout
  • I will try something new
  • I will put my health first
  • I will remind myself that my goal is to be fit
  • I will eat right-No excuses
  • I will be stronger today than I was yesterday
  1. Start with doing what is necessary (show up to boot camp);
  2. Then do what is possible (push yourself) and;
  3. Suddenly you are doing the impossible!!

I was inspired by the snow (not really inspired but ugly about the snow) and decided to make a treat for the family.  It’s a twist on the classic “Snowballs” recipe that we always see around Christmas…yummy and healthy!

Protein Snow Balls:

  • 2 -3 scoops of vanilla boot camp protein
  • 1-2 cups of natural peanut butter
  • 1 cup of unsweetened coconut

Mix protein and pb together, (if it is too sticky add more protein / too dry add more pb.)
Make into little balls then roll in coconut–place in the fridge for 30 min to firm up.  You can moisten the balls with a little bit of water to help the coconut to stick.

*note* I made these with two 8 yr olds fighting over who could roll them–hence the non round shape

Someone you know being a cloud on a sunny day?? Hit them with this awesome taste of the tropics!!!

Mango Coconut Protein Shake

  • 1 scoop vanilla boot camp protein
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2-3/4 cup of frozen mango
  • couple of drops of coconut extract

Blend and enjoy!!!!!!!!

7 Tips to Combat Child Obesity

Let’s face it folks.  There is no way we can rely on school to help children fight child hood obesity.  It seems that real phys ed in the schools is truly a thing of the past.  Remember dodge ball, floor hockey, basketball and red-rover?  They’ve been replaced by anything that is non-competitive, non-physical and non-energetic.

Eating breakfast in the morning and disappearing until the streetlights came on is also a thing of the past.  If we aren’t over scheduling our kids (to make up for the loss of school activities) we are allowing them to sit in front of Xbox, Wii, PS whatever is current and texting on the couch while listening to their iPods and iPhones.  Aye, aye, aye…oy vei!

I play sports right here! #Fail

Times have changed.  Food has changed.  Activities have changed.

You need to make sure you are doing everything you can to help your kids grow up healthy and physically active.  Studies have shown that children that are over-weight become adults that are over-weight.  Diabetes is growing at alarming rates and with that also comes heart disease, joint and muscle problems and a shortened life expectancy.

So as a parent, you need to take control.  Here are 6 simple steps that can help you fight back for your children’s sake.

1.)  Get active.  This can be as simple as getting up after dinner and going for a 20 minute brisk walk or enrolling them in an activity that gets them moving for an hour or two per week.

2.)  Family fitness first.  When was the last time you went for a family bike ride, roller blade or played a game of basketball or street hockey together.  It’s fun and gets everyone involved!

3.)  Trim the fat.  When you are preparing meals avoid using gobs of butter or oil and choose leaner cuts of meat and trim excess fat of the meats you cook.

4.)  Plan and prepare.  Sit down on Sunday morning and create your menu for the week then go get the ingredients you need.  If time permits, make the family meals that day so they are ready to go.  Adding a salad to grilled chicken breast and roasted potatoes makes for a quick, easy and healthy meal.  This will help you avoid the drive-thru or the delivery meals.

5.)  Trash the junk.  Kids love to snack on what ever is easy and convenient.  That usually means chips and candy, so get rid of it.  When it’s not in the house, it’s not available for them.

6.)  Supply super snacks.  Since you’re getting rid of the crappy snacks, make sure you have good stuff around.  Grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, baby carrot sticks, sweet peppers, celery all make great choices.  Cut some up and have them ready for after school or for mid day grazing.

7.)  Sack the sugar.  KIDS DON’T NEED POP.  Growing bodies need water.  Get rid of sugary drinks like pop, fruit juice and sports drinks.  Unless little Johnny is on the ice 6 hours a day, chances are the sports drinks are just going through him.  Fruit juice? Yup… 100% pure means lots of sugar in a glass.  Sure its natural sugar, but think about how many oranges would make a glass of orange juice, there is too much of a good thing except, more water!!!

You may be surprised how easy these are to make happen in your home.  In fact, do it for just a few days and you’ll kids will be coming up with suggestions or reminding you that its time to walk or ask if you want to play a game killer game of H-O-R-S-E on the driveway.

Now that’s a snack!

You can learn more about child obesity here

First Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

The 6-6-6 Workout…Happy Halloween

You know you’re going to do it.

I know you’re going to do it.

Your little goblins, ghouls, princesses and princes will run from house to house.  Maybe they’ll say trick or treat, but definitely fill their candy bags as fast as they  can and run home to see their bounty.

And then it will happen. You’ll taste test some of the treats.

No worries…I’ve got your back.  Here is your special Halloween workout for the morning, afternoon, evening, and next several days. The more you eat, the more times you need to do this. Remember though, the more you eat, the faster you’ll lose sight of your feet.

The 6-6-6 workout…enjoy!


Happy Motivation Monday!!


Here is a simple question….do you have goals? I mean real, legit goals…no wishy washy ones.  Definable achievements that you are going to attain with a date or time associated to them that are realistic and worthy of your focus?
When did you make these goals?

Write it down

Monday is a great time to re-set. Re-set your long-term and short-term goals. How did you do on the previous week?  Did you commit to your goals or did you ignore what you really want by giving into short-term pleasures and distractions.
Did real life issues get in the way that kept you from going after your goals>  I know that happens to all of us.  That doesn’t mean you failed in your goal achievement UNLESS you don’t return to focusing on your goals…then you fail.
Plan and prepare for your week ahead.
If you have lost your focus, fallen off the wagon, or given up…..this is the time to restart.
Today is the day you write down what you want to achieve this week.
For example…this is what I want for all of you:
-start your day with a healthy breakfast
-pack your lunches
-plan your dinners so you aren’t scrambling
-show up to boot camp at least 3x this week
-drink 3L of water daily
-go to bed early
Goal setting is a “to-do” list and you can check things off day by day….that is a sense of accomplishment.
If your goal is to lose 40lbs well that won’t happen this week, but you can set small goals to get you through this week and then re-set those goals on Sunday so you can tackle the following week.
Start your week off strong. 
Have a plan. Stop using wishy-washy words. Commit to change and experience how awesome if feels to be prepared and see the results of your work.
Fail to plan….plan to fail.
Set your goals…get your fitness/health “to do” list started right now and start checking things off.
PS: 63 days until Christmas…are you going to go into 2013 the same or ahead of the game. Small changes can change your life-I promise!

Friday Funny Time

Well, it’s Friday and while many people are recommending someone great on Twitter to follow with the #ff fun, I prefer to do a #FridayFunny.  Enjoy…hope these bring a smile to your face.

Every good post begins with cat pictures

Who does that???

Friends don’t let friends fight with cake


Sums it for me!

Let the good Lord give you patience and let Boot Camp help you with your strength

Raise your hand if you’ve been there

I beg to differ….I have some pretty fantastic stories involving salad

Have an awesome weekend everyone… and please be responsible to your fitness goals!





Your excuse… not accepted.

I am fortunate to get a lot of WOW moments doing what I do.  I get to cheer and celebrate all of your wins and successes big and small.  I get to go on these life changing journeys with you and it is incredible!

I am the first to do a back flip because you lost 5lbs…well, metaphorically, I am a boot camper, not a gymnast.  I love celebrating (celebrating with hi-5’s that is)  that you made it through the week without cheating and eating junk food.

I am lucky you share with me great things that are happening with your family and how you are all on a road to healthy eating.

Yesterday was another banner day.  I had heard from a fellow boot camper that she had lost 10lbs in her first month of boot camp and she is so close to her pre pregnancy weight.  This is a big deal because Megan started boot camp 6 weeks postpartum–booo yaah!!!  I will be honest, when I was six weeks postpartum I wasnt able to string a sentence together!!!  She has her goal insight and nothing will set her back now…that is awesome. She won’t be carrying around “baby weight” or use it as an excuse.

I hear that one a lot…”I need to lose the baby weight“.  I reply, “How old is the baby” and the usual answer is “my baby is X yrs old!” Not months…YEARS!Last evening class Rob and Janine, (husband and wife boot campers) PROVED that you can still make time for boot camp.  They are also new parents.  They just had their 3rd bundle of joy! Janine, the rock star that she is showed up once she got the all clear from her Dr.  So these parents (who are tired, hungry, tired, exhausted, tired etc) showed up to boot camp last night even though they couldn’t find a sitter for the baby.  They showed up anyway!

They took turns Boot Camping hard and modifying the exercises with the stroller.  They both still managed to workout for the hour.  AMAZING! Most people would’ve thrown in the towel.  They showed up.  Me = prouder than proud!!!! They just proved that no matter what is going on, excuses or “reasons”  you can still somehow manage to get your workout in…and they worked as a team…fantastic!

To all of you that make the effort, I raise my water bottle to you!

I know its tough and some days are worse than others but the fact you have put your health as a priority is incredible!

To those of you that are struggling, I beg of you to make the effort. Don’t let excuses get the best of you.  You invest one hour a day I promise you will feel so much better that you’ll soon feel like you will be able to take on the world!!!

You are in charge of how you look and feel….you get to decide.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Now, go drink some water, eat healthy-real food and kick Wednesday in the a$&!!!

See you at boot camp!!!!

I’m sorry, you were saying?