Friday Fitness Funny

Well, it’s Friday and while many people are recommending someone great on Twitter to follow with the #ff fun, I prefer to do a #FridayFunny.  Enjoy…hope these bring a smile to your face.

Every good post begins with cat pictures

Who does that???

Friends don’t let friends fight with cake


Sums it for me!

Let the good Lord give you patience and let Boot Camp help you with your strength

Raise your hand if you’ve been there

I beg to differ….I have some pretty fantastic stories involving salad

Have an awesome weekend everyone… and please be responsible to your fitness goals!


It’s my Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday and YES I am going to have cake and I am going to l-o-v-e every bite of it…I will be sure to post a pic! 

I am not a big birthday celebration kinda girl. My birthday has never really been the same since I lost my mom on my 20th birthday.

My family is so wonderful they really make my birthdays so much fun.

The other reason I am not so keen on my birthday is that it means another year older….sigh.

BUT…with age come wisdom!


Im my 30 *cough* something years on this planet I have learned a thing or two.


Here is my list of life lessons/things I’ve learned.

-This first one is no surprise to those that know me. Somedays there is not enough Purell to calm my nerves. There are far too many icky things out there. The older I get, the more sanitizer I need.


-It’s better to look back on your life and celebrate the things you did instead of looking back wishing you would’ve tried those things. Life is about the moments, memories and shenanigans!


-I still have not learned to be patient. You would think after 3 kids that I would have a smidge of patience….nope, nada, zilch. I’m workin’ on it…be patient with me—bwahahahahhaa (ok that was super funny!)




-I’ve learned that I cannot make you want to be fit and healthy. Do I want to change the world…heck yeah!! I am doing my part, person by person. No matter how much I want it for you….you have to want it for yourself. I can brainwash my children, but the rest of you guys need to want to make the change. I’m here when you’re ready!


-With age comes wisdom …and wrinkles….grrrrrrr-stupid wrinkles.

Too soon we get old and too late we get smart.


-I have finally crossed that point that the opinions of others don’t bother me.



-Life is short friends. We have all lost someone near & dear to us. Live life. Be healthy. Be energetic. Be thankful. If you’re not then change it!



-I always have and always will iron everything…that’s not changing anytime soon–just thought I would throw that in there. Creases and perfectly pressed clothes are cool…believe that! #weirdo


-Tell people they are important, special, loved. We all need to hear it. Go on…share some love.


-I’ve learned being happy is easy. Think about what you have-who you have in your life-where you are…it’s all good! #bethankful


-Learn the rules of life and play better!





Friday Fitness Funny

We are starting this weeks Friday Fitness Funny with a picture of one of our very own boot campers. Needless to say, we ran…ALOT!! Thanks Brenda for wearing the shirt!



For those of you who say you don’t like running or you’re not a runner…well, meet your new instructor!




I talk about proper and healthy eating all the time…so this chart sums it up nicely!



This is just an extra one for the Vegans out there 🙂




Last but not least…I think this picture says it all up…thanks Gingy, I agree!



Eat smart and move people!