Halloween Candy Hangover

So…….how’d ya do???

Did you stay strong and resist the urge to tear into those bite size candies? Or did you buckle and eat your body weight in “fun” size candy??

Did you wake up this morning and while getting dressed start saying (or screaming) WHY…WHY DID I EAT ALL OF THAT CANDY??

If you are suffering a chocolate hangover you need to re-group; dump the candy and say no to your candy pushing co-workers who are trying to unload their candy.

Did you read my last email?  3 fun size pieces of candy will cost you more than 20 minutes of jogging!  Do the math: You had a couple before trick or treating + a couple during trick or treating + a few more during the sorting process x the number of kids you have equals…A LOT OF BOOT CAMP TO BURN THAT CHOCOLATE OFF

I know the internal conversation you had with yourself….”oooohhh that kind is my favourite” or “I will just have this one!” Bet you said this “Well, I have had so many what’s one more?!”

I see so many of you that work soooo hard at boot camp but then you tell me that you had wings, wine, candy, (or insert whatever bad food here) and you wonder why you are not losing weight.  The reason is simple!  You keep sabotaging yourself!!!! When you come to boot camp and bring your A game, give it your all, you are burning the crap that you ate that day.  You never get to that stored fat.  Think about that!  All your work is to just maintain.

So if you start your day with a latte, then have a muffin add a bagel and some pasta for dinner, you come to boot camp and you might burn through half of those calories.  You don’t burn the stuff you want to get rid of off of your thighs, tummy or backside, BUT you keep doing it.  Why?? You are choosing food, junk food, you are letting the food control you.


Make the commitment to change your eating habits, dump the junk, drink the water that you need and exercise!!!!

Halloween is over and it likely was a scary night with all of the reckless eating but onwards my friends……

Candy is not your friend.  I am…so start listening to me!!!

Halloween Hangover remedy:

LOTS of water–eat real food, (lean protein, veggies) and get moving (show up to boot camp).

We have 7 weeks until Christmas…..that means a lot of parties, dinners, get-together, cakes, cookies, drinks, it means you need to pull it together!!  No maintaining through that! That is the recipe for waistline disaster.

Starting NOW it’s game on.  No more fooling around.  No more making excuses why you can’t.  No more giving in to food weaknesses.  No more nonsense.

Sneaky Calories?

As you know, I L-O-V-E donuts. I Just love them. Well, I have a love/hate. Donuts helped me get to over 225+ lbs so I hate that I love them so much.



This is like a rainbow for me *sigh*

Anywho…I saw this article and I wanted to share it because everyone bashes Krispy Kreme donuts because they are calorie and fat bombs and yes there are BUT there are a lot of other things on the “food” spectrum that will blow a donut out of the water.

Here is the article: 5 foods that have more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut.

Here are a few of my quick fix to avoiding adding extra “unknown” calories/fat/sugar to your diet.

-Read the flippin label. If you are eating something processed…spin it around and look at the calories/fat/sugar. If your eating yogurt and it has over 20 grams of sugar…step away!

-Don’t drink your calories. You do not need a pumpkin spice latte or vitamin water. On that note…can we all please acknowledge that Vitamin Water is lame. Honestly…you’re smarter than that. If you are so worried about getting your vitamins try eating real food OR take a multi vitamin.



-Be salad savy. Some salad dressings pack a wack (bwahahaha-I type like I speak!) of calories/suga/fat. So if you think you are starving with salad…think again. Dressing on the side, and nothing creamy.

-Don’t get saucy! Sauces, dips, spreads can be l-o-a-d-e-d. Stop putting 12 coats of bbq sauce on your chicken. You are not painting the side of your house. 


If you make small changes everyday you will start to feel and see the results. You will not feel deprived,  I promise.

Be smarter about what you are doing…that is my safety messaging for the day!!

Be safe and healthy out there ; )






Are you stuck?



I’m not talking about being stuck in traffic or being stuck on level 42 of Candy Crush. BTW-please for the love….stop inviting me to play that game…never-gonna-happen….n-e-v-e-r! Is there a level 42 of Candy Crush?? Ok, back on topic.

So many people get stuck in their day to day routine and patterns. It’s easier to stay with the same ‘ol same ‘ol than to change things up. Those are the same people who complain, “I don’t know why they can’t lose 30lbs.”

Here’s my question … What’s wrong with you?

Why aren’t you willing to get un-stuck? Why are you so satisfied being where you are?  I know, work is stressful, the kids have sports, you have no groceries so you HAD to get pizza. I have heard it all before. 

You are stuck at an uncomfortable weight because you aren’t willing to change. It’s easier to accept where you are then to change the way you are. 

Being stuck where you are isn’t big news to you. You have been there for a while. You went a few days with salad for lunch then blew it becaue you were ‘starving’ and stressed and hit up a drive thru on your way home.

What I find amazing…and yes amazing is how you rationalize why you can’t lose weight or why you can’t spend a couple of hours a week commited to your health. 

You get unstuck by wanting it. You change by doing it!! 

How heavy will you have to get until you actually realize that you are overweight and outta shape? Then what? will you rationalize that you are too heavy to workout and completely give up? 


Being overweight can be fixed…but not by moaning, complaining, or excuse making.

You start now.  You start today. 

Not sure what you should be eating….grrrrrrrr and gah…..yes you do!!  You darn well know that having fries, burgers and pizza are not  good choices.  Not sure what is the best exercise…..grrrrr and gah again….just move.  The one you aren’t doing right now is way better than none!  

You are stuck because you have chosen to be stuck.

I hope this is a wake up call for those that need it. 

It’s time to move people (insert the “I like to move it” move it song here)

Go on…make me and yourself proud.




I cured myself

That’s right, I CURED MYSELF!!

Technically, by today’s standards I had a disease and I cured myself.  So up your’s doctor’s and insurance companies and special people in the pharmaceutical industry.  

I was obese. I was a donut eatin’, McDonald’s lovin, sittin on my big butt watchin tv kinda girl. I was obese and I cured myself. Witch Dr? Magic? Pixie Dust? Nope…I summoned up some courage and discipline.donut obesity

I didnt stop shovelling garbage food in my mouth but I started to limit it and I started to exercise. I made changes and results happened. I made more changes and saw more results…

and then…..ready for it….

drumroll please…..


I was no longer obese–taaadaaaaa!!

It took a year-but I did it. Back in the day there was no internet and I believe we only had a few channels on the tv. I was a young adult and had NO CLUE on how to lose weight. But, I had common sense (which nowadays is a super power).  I knew that I needed to exercise and I knew that eating donut after delicious donut would get me nowhere fast. nothing will work unless you do

The AMA (American Medical Association) has a new policy that now officially labels obesity as a disease….a disease?!

Last time I checked obesity increases your risks for developing legit conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea.medical complication of obeisty

It is 2013 and there is this thing called the internet that is loaded with information and education. As well, our beloved idiot box (aka the tv) has 2000+ channels some of which actually have real content and educational programming.

The argument that more money needs to be spent on education is weak. The information is there if you want it.  AND…there is also this thing called the library…they still exist and they offer book after book as well as computers and free internet access….amazing!!

Information is accessible, if you want to figure things out then you figure them out. If you are lazy and are always having a pity party about your circumstances well…

Part of this argument is that there needs to be more money spent for medical interventions so that this “disease” doesn’t become worse…does that mean that you can qualify for gastric bypass easier or does that mean you will be connected with a nutritionist and trainer to help change your lifestyle or is it new drugs?

Being overweight primarily is about habits, and lifestyle choices—(that statement should get me some hate mail.)

If your habits and choices are poor then the outcome is the same.

This is all on you…it is your choice to sit infront of the tv  30 minutes to 2hours or you can take that 30min and exercise. You can choose to load up on snack cakes or you can choose to eat some veggies.  You can choose pop (soda for my American readers) or you can have water.obesity-no one runs

Yes, there are some people blessed with incredible genetics who can eat crap and not gain an ounce and the rest of the world of us that struggle with our weight collectively and quietly hate those people (just kidding—we’re just jealous!) Some people have slower metabolisms and we have to work harder–we have to do the work to get the desired outcome.  But even then, if you have a slow metabolism, you’ll help it by exercising and eating properly!quitting is a character flaw

I want them to find a cure for cancer! Not spend money on something that is self induced and easily controlled.

For those of you reading this all enraged at my comments, I understand. You have gotten to where you are because of the choices YOU have made. The CURE is to make changes.

Small changes can lead to big things BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT. It will be tough and there are times that it will suck but you toughen up and push through. Getting sweaty, feeling some muscle soreness, fighting food cravings is much easier than going through chemotherapy, having hourly needles or having heart surgery. Perspective.

What I learned (observed) in the emerg yesterday

So this germaphobe spent yesterday in the emergency room…makes me shiver just saying that, you should’ve seen me sitting there.

My son was sick and he had gotten worse over night. We went to the walk in clinic in the morning, they sent us directly over to the hospital.

He is on the mend and he was very patient with his germaphobic mother. He kept saying that we could leave because he knew I was so uncomfortable, bless his little heart.

There were a few moments that I wasn’t all consumed with the fact I was surrounded by sick people. In those few moments, there were many glaring observations I was able to make.

The ER was packed-PACKED. The health care system is busting at the seams. Why is it busting at the seams?  A couple of reasons…because people are abusing the system and people don’t give a dang about their health.

To take the load off of the ER-health care system one easy answer is PREVENTION.

In yesterday’s visit from the people who I saw, 80% would not be there if they had taken care of their health.

I will spare you the rant about how some of those people said their illness/issues weren’t obesity related.  Suffice to say that 20 extra pounds of fat around your heart is a big deal.

What is sad and maddening is that those people who are “ill” or are suffering don’t care. They are fine with taking 7 different kinds of medications, seeing the inside of an ER monthly but heaven forbid someone say to them, “Stop eating hot dogs drinking pop and start exercising.”

So many diseases can be prevented that’s the kicker.  

Ignore your health, keep eating the way you are and putting off getting fit is like getting a run in your pantyhose; it will just keeps getting worse.

What else did I see in the ER…

I saw someone come in with footie pajama’s….for the love…I can’t even begin to express what shock I was in. Yes, It was an adult!!! Being out in public in your PJs?  Come on. Listen, before you say anything, I know when you are sick and you don’t feel like getting dressed but footie pj’s…the dirt and germs….no shoes, just footie pj’s that they will likely walk around the house in when they get home….tracking in all of those sick germs–GAH!

Another eyebrow raise came when I saw half a dozen hospital staff working in the offices walking around in business attire and wearing shoes that they could not walk in. Trust me, I get wearing cute shoes…but when you walk in shoes that are too high or don’t fit…you just look crazy.  You look like you are walking an invisible tight rope. You lose that professional image in every teetering step!

It is an unspoken law that when you are sick, cough in your elbow or use a kleenex or even in your hand. I am not sure what turnip truck you fell off that you think it is ok to cough with your mouth wide open and not cover your germ spewing hole!!!  GAH!!!!

Being unhealthy is a choice….harsh, perhaps. If you live a healthy life, eat real food and exercise you have better chances of not being ill. If you are overweight, continue to abuse your body by neglecting it and eating food you know darn well isn’t food then you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.

Prevention…so many obesity related diseases are preventable. If you think that the 20-30 pounds you have been carrying around for the last year is no big deal, think again.

You’re in the driver’s seat…if you are unfit and unhealthy…that’s all you. You and your excuses will get you another 20-30lbs

Yes, I’m fired up because I had to sit in the ER all day with a sick little one, when more than half of the people there should not have been there in the first place!

Happy with where you are?  You probably don’t want it bad enough.  Content with carrying extra weight?  Think about the people who love you.  The ones who don’t want to have to visit you in the hospital or who don’t want to dole out your medication.

Take care of yourself–be in control of your future.

Even Disney suffers the effects of bullying

Imagine if you will, a child is on the street running back and forth between moving cars.  He is jumping in front of cyclists, buses, cars and people just walking.  There, on the sidewalk is his mother; ignoring the obvious danger her son is putting himself in.  In fact, a driver stopped his car and told the mother that if she didn’t stop the boy, he was going to die.  The mother was incensed!  How dare this man tell her how to raise her child?  How dare this obvious “do-gooder” point out the shortcomings of her parenting abilities?

It went so far that the mother sued the man claiming that she embarrassed her and caused her to suffer depression.  There were other mothers that joined the lawsuit creating a class-action lawsuit against the man, claiming that no one has any right to try to protect any child from their parents.  A parent has a right to allow their own child to kill itself and no one can stop their bad parenting.

Seems completely impossible for this to happen doesn’t it.  This is political correctness run a muck.  This is ultimate in stupidity.  This is what is happening all around us.  No, not this exact situation, but this premise that we can’t tell the truth because we are so afraid of offending someone.  We can’t tell it like it is because some ‘expert’ has said little Johnny will suffer low self-esteem for the rest of his life.

Well, this week, I was floored when I read that my favourite place on earth had also fallen victim to political correctness.  The greatest company on earth gave into the outcry of a few at the cost of many.

Disney threw in the towel on a great program, “Habit Heroes”.  The attraction hadn’t even received full-blown release yet, and it has been closed. The program was a direct hit at child obesity using exercise, healthy choices and the always popular good versus bad as Will Power and Callie Stenics would have battled such evil beings as “The Snacker”, “The Glutton” and “Lead Bottom”.

"If you're smart, I'm broke. Don't educate yourself about fat loss."

So who complained? Weight loss surgeons and fat-acceptance groups! So, who has the most to lose by children learning proper nutrition, exercise and healthy choices…that’s right weight loss surgeons.   And if everyone learns how to be healthy and control their weight through exercise and nutrition, who will be left on the outside looking in? Fat-acceptance groups…what the hell are “fat-acceptance groups”?

Fat-acceptance?  I accepted that I was fat when I was a teenager.  I would look at myself in the mirror and make excuses about why I was the way I was.  I would lie to myself.  I would tell people around me I was happy and ok with myself.  The reason I did that was because who in the world wants to admit, they are happy being fat!!??  Hold on, I know…people who are too friggin’ lazy to do what it takes to lose weight.  People who are too lazy to make a real meal because its easier to go buy fast food and chips than it is to cook a meal and cut up veggies.

“The attraction is currently closed as we work to further refine the experience,” Kathleen Prihoda, Disney’s media relations manager, told Yahoo on Wednesday. “Our goal with Habit Heroes is to make sure it conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in a fun way.”

Well, in my humble opinion Kathleen, that is exactly what Disney had in it’s new Epcot exhibit.  So bring it back, unchanged and ready to teach with the truth.

Fat is expensive to all of us.  Fat is not healthy.  Fat impacts quality of life.  Offended by fat education?  Then move right past the exhibit, keep waddling right on over to find a funnel cake with ice-cream, syrup and sugar and all the finest fixins’.…they are incredible and will satisfy any binge needed.  No need to stop at any of those silly healthy restaurants that serve salads and vegetables.  Fresh produce…oh the horror if your children saw you doing something that was good for them.  In fact…why don’t you threaten to sue restaurants that have healthy choices because a skinny smiling child seated next to you and your “fat-acceptance” family could be disturbing to you and your precious “little” herd.

Was that harsh? You bet it was harsh but this crap has me fired up.  This is political crapness.  Where do I get to complain that my rights and feelings are being hurt?  Oh yeah, and I have the right to voice my opinion on this subject.  I’ve been on the obeses (not fat) OBESE side of the fence and NEVER would I tell skinny, healthy, fit people to conform to accepting fat.  I wanted to be able to conform to the world of healthy!!

Disney did it’s homework.  Disney had a solid partner on the program.  Disney doesn’t go into any thing without doing it’s due diligence, research and testing.  So what happened this time?

I just don’t get it! What’s next…a new Disney Princess to appease the massive?  I can see her now, Princess Porker in the Land of Lard.

On a side note…I’ve read lots articles all with polls on the subject.  I’ve cast my vote on everyone and guess what?  100% of the polls show that Disney has made a mistake and should put the exhibit back AS IS!

Here are lots of articles about the cancellation that was to have opened today!










Protein…it does a body good

For everyone who has participated in one of my weight loss programs or taken on my 7 day slim down, 5 ½ day diet or had me prepare a nutrition plan for you, you know I am big on ensuring you eat healthy, lean protein.

Why do I love protein so much?

This is protein

Well for starters it has an impact on your blood sugar, glucagon, insulin, satiety, blood amino, nitrogen retention, glycemic load, muscle health, energy, negative caloric state and a whole lot of other really fun things.

Let me break it down for you.

  1. Taking in healthy Protein actually makes your body burn more calories just by consuming it because it takes energy to break it down into bite size pieces that your body uses.  Those are amino acids…they are good things
  2. Protein helps protect you from losing muscle.  If you are in an amino acid deficit, your body eats its own muscle.  That means less fat burning ability…that’s not good.
  3. Protein helps control insulin and blood sugar so your body produces the fat burning goodness that you want…that’s a good thing
  4. Protein takes longer to break down and digest than carbohydrates so your hunger is controlled longer…that’s a good thing.

All foods (carbs, protein, fat, micro and macro nutrients) have an effect on insulin and blood sugar. Carbohydrates jack blood glucose levels faster and more that the others.  Then your body makes insulin to suck out the sugar.  Then the sugar gets transported to your muscles and liver so that it can be used later.

That process also makes your body release a bunch of other hormones that help it store all that energy….aka, fat stores. Not really what most people who are looking to lose weight want.

What you want is your body to release fat, not store it.

So here are my recommendations for healthy protein choices. A serving size of meat is about 3-4oz or about the size of a deck of cards for 22-28 grams of protein.


This is an excellent source of protein because it is low in fat. Fish such as salmon is a little higher in fat, but it is the heart healthily kind: omega 3 fatty acids.

White Meat Poultry

Stay with the white meat. Dark Meat is a little higher in fat. The skin is loaded with saturated fat.


Eggs are one of the least expensive forms of protein. Hard boiled eggs are a great option and portable!


A 1/2 cup of beans contains almost as much protein as an ounce of broiled steak. Beans are loaded with fiber to keep you feeling full

Pork Tenderloin

The other / other white meat.  It’s 31% leaner than it was 20 years ago.

For my Veggie friends–Soy is another source of protein, which is controversial, but I’ll save that for another post.

Lean Beef

Surprise, lean beef has only one more gram of saturated fat than a skin-less chicken breast. It is also an excellent source of iron, B12 and zinc

Cottage cheese serving size is roughly ½ cup for 15 grams of protein.

Egg whites have 3 grams of protein while the yolk has the same. So eat your eggs. You get a “complete” protein when using yolks and whites, so eat the yolks.

Protein powders are a great supplement / addition.  Most are 20-25 grams per scoop.

My recommendation?  Get a high quality Whey protein (such as our fabulous Boot Camp protein). It has the best amino acid profile and it’s been shown to elevate your body’s own antioxidant levels of glutathione…that’s a good thing.

To summarize…. eat PROTEIN…. with everything. 🙂