Fitness Consultation

We work together to determine what your present fitness level is and together we will create a plan for success that you will then put into action.

Nutritional Consultation

My nutritional motto is a simple fact of life, “You can’t out train a bad diet.”  Most people make mistakes with their nutrition that negatively affect their fitness goals without even knowing it. You won’t make that mistake after we take care of your nutritional education and refinement.

Customized Fitness Program 

We start with a fitness consultation to determine what you want to accomplish.  Then I design your own personal four week training program specific to your needs and goals with clear objectives and measurable results that are defined to keep you motivated and on track.

Fitness Plus Nutrition

Together we will talk about your goals, examine your nutrition and create a program for you that will have your friends and loved ones noticing the new you on no time! You will have more energy, more time and results that you didn’t know were possible. The Fitness Plus Nutrition Plan includes a fitness consultation, nutritional consultation, customized fitness program and ongoing support. Your results are guaranteed with the full system in place provided you stay with the program that we put together for you.



Personal Training

Grocery Store Tours

Running Club

Nutritional Planning


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