Halloween Workout


You know you’re going to do it.

I know you’re going to do it.

Your little goblins, ghouls, princesses and princes will run from house to house.  Maybe they’ll say trick or treat, but definitely fill their candy bags as fast as they  can and run home to see their bounty.

And then it will happen. You’ll taste test some of the treats.

No worries…I’ve got your back.  Here is your special Halloween workout for the morning, afternoon, evening, and next several days. The more you eat, the more times you need to do this. Remember though, the more you eat, the faster you’ll lose sight of your feet.

The 6-6-6 workout…enjoy!

Halloween is a scary time….gaining weight from eating those FUN size treats is scary

Pro tip #1: I am not buying any Halloween candy until the middle of the afternoon on Halloween!!

Pro tip #2: do not buy Halloween candy on sale after halloween

Pro tip #3: sort through the candy and donate most of it.

While you are waiting for the ghosts and goblins to appear at your door…do a couple of rounds and work up a sweat!


11 Reasons Dehydration is Making You Sick and Fat

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat

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Adverse effects from not drinking enough water include digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue, and even headaches. We need water as much as the air we breathe in! Keeping your body hydrated is not a joke.

Did you know that dehydration actually sets in just before you start feeling thirsty? Sipping water throughout the day is the best way to handle it. Always have a bottle or a glass of water handy! If you’re not a morning person, having two glasses of water right after you wake up will boost up your blood pressure to normal levels, and it’s way healthier than having your first coffee on an empty stomach.

Many of us believe that merely drinking fluids like sweetened juices, soda or tea will hydrate you as well as water does. This is not true. It’s actually the opposite! To deal with the excess sugar and salt you are taking in your body wastes immense amounts of precious water just to clean it out from your system. And if you love your coffee, make sure to drink one extra glass of water for every cup you have.

Drinking water regularly speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more ‘full’. You will eat less once you start drinking more! It’s the safest and healthiest way to lose weight. Drink up!



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Energy, Healthy Snack and a Foam Attack – Friday Favs

Another edition of Friday Favourites!!

There are a lot of things that I love but this week these things really stand out.

Starting out with food of course!

These are my favourite crackers. I was thrilled to see them back on the shelves at Costco. That is one thing that irks me, when I fall in love with a product/item and it’s not available all the time. Stop tormenting us buyers at the big box food store!

These brown rice crackers are gluten free and they’re baked –win/win!!! They’re also trans fat free, Kosher, non GMO and no cholesterol—what the what?! #winning

I eat them with hummus, salsa, egg salad, guacamole. I actually had them today with some natural PB and it hit the spot. I have tried a few of their products and they are all fantastic!!

ss rice


Next up, still at Costco. I picked up a new flavour of Zip Fizz…Ice Tea!! WHAT???

It is really good! I am a total fan girl of Zip Fizz and this flavour is great!!


This does perk up my energy – 20 calories and ZERO sugar, oh yeah!!!zippfizz2

Those afternoons when your energy starts to dip and you need a pop of energy, this is my go to.


Last up on this Friday Favourites is the good ‘ol foam roller.

I did a great leg workout earlier this week and boy oh boy my hamstrings were t-i-g-h-t the next day…walking funny kind of tight #notcute

This unsuspecting piece of foam is so effective, it really does work and everyone should have and USE it.

If you can’t get in for regular massages or don’t stretch like you should then this torture device…I mean… this magical tube of foam is what you need #trustme

I’ve used this on my legs, back, and even my neck…neck knots buh bye!!!

Just put it on your shopping list and pick one up this weekend!!


Roll away those tight muscles!!

PS – This is not a sponsored blog post. These are just a few of my favorite things that I like to share with my friends, like you. BUT…if you are a brand that would like to work with me, then let me know through my contact page.

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Preview

Registration for runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon weekened opens today for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members. Registration for everyone else opens at noon on July 15.

If you read my blog or follow me on social media you know my love for runDisney runs deep (ha, see what I did there) 

princess half banner

runDisney events are all inclusive. You can run, walk, run with your kids. There’s no pressure, no judging, just a whole lot of FUN! I love knowing that I will be seeing friends that I don’t often get to see when we all get together at runDinsey events. That makes the magic, well, more magical.

I love having a deadline and goal to train for. If you are going to set a goal and put the training in, being able to see your favourite characters along the way just makes it more special! 

snow white princess half


Why am I writing this post? I want YOU, yes YOU to run with me.

I know you might be thinking “running is not my idea of fun” This is what I can promise you, you will have fun and the experience of a lifetime…that’s a promise. I know, the thought of a half marathon or a 10k is scary, but you need to look at it as a challenge. You don’t have to run all the way. You will stop to see your favourite characters and I will be there with you, to make sure you cross that finish line and get your bling! 

princess bling

Worried about training or getting into running shape? You have a ton of time to train and if you need some help or support, let me know. I will make sure you’re on the “right path” (get it…running inuendo…jokes for days I have!) I will make sure you are eating the right food, I will keep you motivated and accountable.

Why would you not want to run? You will meet incredible people, create magical memories, like stopping and getting the Starbucks Barista’s to take a pic with you mid run!

sbux princess

If you have questions…ask away – Im here to help, that’s what I love to do; it’s my passion. I would love to join you and together we can run like princesses. The more the merrier! Here are a few pics from the last Princess Half Marathon Weekend. 

Fit For A Princess Expo – another big part of the weekend #shoes 



princess expo


Royal Family 5k – wth @grandmaryb @bamagirlruns – ummm Grand Mary is 60 years old and she runs…NO EXCUSES people! 

princess 5k

Running through Epcot of course, I’m stopping in Canada! 

epcot princess canada

Who doesn’t love this guy?!  I’m goofy for Goofy

baseball goofy

There is just somethin’ about Mary, that makes seeing her on your run just extra special #SeenOnMyRun

mary poppins

Oh yes…getting my praise on during the run (It was Sunday morning) !! Gospel Choir- check! Just when you think you are tired, you hear these voices and it fires you up to keep going!!

choir princess


Post run with a few of my favourite princesses – I love these girls!! @susanpazera @bamagirlruns – look at us all matchy match! Go visit their blogs &

post pic susan bama


One of my favourite Disney Dads – fellow Disney Parks Mom’s Panelist @Marclorenzo #DisneyMP

marc lorenzo

A little photobomb action by me with Disney Social Media royalty @leannej



Pre race pic with more Disney Sports royalty – @Dfry – he gave us our 5am pep talk

508 (1)


So nice to chat with @samhowzit pre race – such a swell guy! 

steven miller


Sweat, laughs, magical moments and at the end it was worth it for the bling! 

post princess bling pic

Run with me. I promise you will have the time of your life!! 


11 Tips for a Fitter Vacation – Travel Tuesday #TT

Summer is officially here!

Vacation, staycation, or just having some time off, enjoy your summer.bigstockphoto_Vacation_1791395

I get busy helping clients just before summer with so many people who want support with a diet plan or those that want to amp up their exercise program before their vacation. Then they go crazy in a buffet line or at the bar and return home with the post vacation belly blues.  Don’t let the vacation belly blues cloud your memories of a great time away!

Here are some quick tips for a fitter vaycay:

1.) Fuel up properly.

Eat before you go to the airport and pack some snacks. If travelling by car, pack your cooler bag so you are not stopping for quick eats on the highway. Not only will you have better control on your nutrition, it will also save you money that can be better spent on memories.

2.) Experience, don’t conquer.

Visiting new places can lead to tempting treats. For example you couldn’t visit France without having crepes and croissants. Share meals and walk away feeling satisfied that you experienced the local cuisine…you didn’t conquer it. Be happy that you didn’t stuff yourself then decided that you need to lick your plate clean. If you indulge then make a deal that you will walk to and from the restaurant or that you will hit the hotel gym.

3.) Enjoy the sights on your own time.

Skip the bus tours and walk. You may even grab a local tourist map and plan your own route based on what your interests are, not the interests of a tour company.  Take the path less travelled…stairs instead of elevators, this is for your hotel, attractions, wherever.

4.) Be adventurous.biking beach photo

Try something new. Staycation: go biking, canoe/kayak, rock  climbing. Challenge yourself to something new while on vacation not only will you break out of your workout rut but you can create some incredible memories for you and your family!

5.) BE ALCOHOL SMART–yes, all caps.

Vacations mean letting lose, unwinding, relaxing-breaking your routine.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t drink (gasp) I could not tell you a good wine from a bad wine. I don’t like the harsh taste of alcohol so I would be one of those fruity umbrella drink people. What holds me back is that I know the calories in those drinks are not worth it. I like to eat and I would rather eat those calories than slug them back. #ImAnEater

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you belly up to the bar. Use these tips and you can help downsize that beer gut and wine butt… you know what Im talkin’ bout.

  • 5.1) just say no to the fruity drinks. Alcohol slurpees in a cup are just bad. No more explanation needed.vacation-drinks-17
  • 5.2) choose light alcohol over dark alcohol. The dark stuff has more compounds which can worsen hangovers. Hangovers = vacation killers
  • 5.3) choose seltzer water for those mixed drinks. Tonic water comes in high in sugar so swap it out for seltzer or soda water
  • 5.4) set a limit for your indulging. You will only have a 3 drink max – a 2 drink max #2drinkmax would be better : )
  • 5.5) size matters – drinking a fish bowl size glass of wine is not one drink.vacation-drinks-fish bowl 26
  • 5.6) have a big glass of water in between each drink.

If you have any other fit vacation tips, I would love to hear them!

Here is a quick vacation workout for you to try:vacation-workout-xl2.jpg


Find your why and you’ll find your reason.

Yesterday was a big day, the 2014 Boston Marathon. Be a Unicorn

After last year’s bombing  this was the year to show and prove that nothing will keep runners or the city of Boston down, #BostonStrong #RunStrong. Last year I wrote about how it felt like my family was attacked for no reason.

There were a lot of hero’s on the course yesterday. Anyone that can qualify for Boston is a running hero in my eyes! Anyone that commits to their goal (weight loss, running, being healthy) and follows through on it, is a hero in my eyes.

Linda Ambard was one of those who crossed the finish line yesterday. Linda ran Boston last year and was at Mile 26 when the bombs went off. Linda’s story is real. Watch this video to hear what makes Linda so amazing, what she has overcome and why she is a hero; representing a HERO.  Have the tissue ready!!

Linda ran yesterday because she was not going to let terrorism, domestic or otherwise, or anything else take away what’s important to her.

Linda is a hero.

We all have a story. We can’t give up because things are turned upside down. We can’t always control what happens in our lives and around us but we can control HOW WE RESPOND TO OUR CHALLENGES.

Find your why and you’ll find your reason.Boston Marathon Boston Strong