Video Montage – Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2014

I run for a few reasons. One big reason is that I am not a good runner and that makes me u-g-l-y (you ain’t got no alibi).

I love running because each run is a new experience/challenge. A bad run fuels my fire to make sure the next one is off the charts. I love running because it is something that I can get better at. I want to be super fast, but it takes work. I want to be one of those effortless runners (Coach Gord Im looking at you). I would love a pain free running experience…dang plantar fasciitis-grrrrrr.  I also love running for the memories I make and the friends I make along the way.

If you run 10 feet you are a runner. You don’t need to be a marathoner to be considered a runner. Just keep going #dontquit

Watch THIS VIDEO of a bunch of happy runners…real deal happy! This could be you *hint hint*

It’s a video montage of runDisney’s 2014 Princess weekend. See if you can spot me (like where’s Waldo-lol)

Let this be your motivation & inspiration for today to do something healthy for yourself. 

Thanks Marc Acosta for taking the time to put this together. Follow Marc on Twitter @markymarc70

Here’s the Video.


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