Day 1 – Race 1 of 4 – 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend – Family Fun Run 5k

3am I don’t care who you are…that is just not a fun hour to be waking up, but, it’s amazing how much quicker you can pop out of bed when you’re at Walt Disney World and the reason you’re getting up so early is because you have to catch a bus which will take you to the starting line of your first race of four over the next four days!  A 5K, 10K,  half marathon and a marathon.

*I’ll apologize now for my crappy non iphone pics*
Disney’s Family Fun 5k was up first. The race course took us through Epcot’s Future World and then over to and around the International World Showcase. The 5k is a great first run to tackle if you are new to running or if you want to share the experience of running with your family.
I wasn’t set on what my plan of attack was going to be for any of the races. Every single runDisney event I have ever run, I have made a point to just run. I don’t stop. I have never stopped for one picture…never ever.
I knew I wanted to run with my pal Kristen @bamagirlruns on Twitter /  We had never had the chance to run together at a runDisney event so I was looking forward to it. We started out at a good pace that morning and as we came to the first character meet and greet, she stopped. In her sweet home Alamaba accent I heard, “Gurrrrl, get back and get in line.” Whaaaaaaattttttttt?? I thought, “Hey…this is a race! There’s no stopping in a race. I don’t stop. It’s 5k let’s just give’r.”
I mean, we can see the characters in the parks anytime we are there…this is a race! Before I could express my thoughts into actual words I get this southern drawl, “Girl, get in line so we can get our picture with Cap’n Hook and Mr. Smee”.  Ok, I’ll humour my country friend and do one picture then we run. I got to talk to a few fun people in line while we waited for our turn and that was great hearing their stories. The line wasn’t too bad and we were quickly off after a snap, snap, flash, flash.
We were running, laughing and chatting to people and quickly came to another character. I was interested to see who it was as I was looking past the line I ran and again I hear, “Girl, get back here in line. It’s Norweigan Daisy….end of discussion we need a picture with her.”
**ugh…sorry, blurry non iphone picture**
I was able to talk to a nice girl who had a fantastic Rapunzel costume on. I love, love, love that people put the time, effort and creativity into wearing a costume for runDisney events. It was her first runDIsney event and she was going to make the most of it! It dawned on me how awesome it is that no matter what your level of fitness is, you can participate in runDisney events. If runDisney is your first ever race…you’ve picked a great what a way to start!!!
We were off again. I think I was being annoying to ‘Bama. I mentioned a few times that we should run faster so we could make up some time. Now looking back, ugh, what an crazy comment!
The next character stop was Emile and Remy from Ratatouile.
I reluctantly got in line this time. I looked at my watch and knew that had we been running the whole time we could’ve been done by now. I think at this point I was twitching a little. I kept saying to Kristen “I think we should go” ,  ” I don’t think we should wait”,  “We can get a picture another time”.  Needless to say, we stayed and once again, got some great pics.

"Perhaps some Ratatouille as a post race meal"

“Perhaps some Ratatouille as a post race meal”

I laughed a lot during those 5 kilometers. I got to talk to some great runners, got to hear some inspirational stories and I got a life lesson.
Slow the heck down, it’s not about your time, its about your experiences.
This relates to running and every other aspect of life.
I could’ve PR’d that 5k and walked away with not a single memory other than having a new personal best time. Instead, I have pictures, stories and memories that are priceless! I can always PR a distance if I put my mind to it in another race, but how often do I get to run through Epcot with my friends and create memories?
Look at this post run fun with @bamagirlruns, @davemari & @mojodisney – love these guys!
Post race fun with Chip and Dale, practicing the art of the selfie.
photocredit @bamagirlruns *obviously it wasn’t my non iphone*
No surprise here…my phone
How cute is this that Chip and Dale are checking the picture–love this.
Photocredit @bamagirlruns
Day 2—- 10k….get’s even better, I have some real laugh out loud stories, stay tuned!! (and the pics are better!) 

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