This is what I know…it’s not theory.

I know there are times that I rant about things or get on my soap box and preach to you all about what not to do. 

I do this for a couple of reasons. One being, that I want / need you guys to be informed. Second reason is because, I have been where you are. When I ask you to listen (ok, sometimes I beg you / tell you) it is because I actually do know what I am talking about.

Some of my blog posts are meant to get you fired up.  They are meant to motivate you.  Some are to get you thinking or re-thinking about your fitness and food.



If you take nothing away from what I say this is what I want you to know.

If you get fit and healthy, I mean finally take control of your weight you will:


  • not feel uncomfortable and insecure all the time
  • be able to wear anything
  • be able to walk around and “not feel fat”
  • be able to wear a bathing suit without a cover up
  • be able to prove to yourself and everyone else that you are strong enough to do anything

If you don’t lose those extra pounds and keep putting weight on, this is what will happen or continue to happen:

  • you won’t fit into your jeans or any cute pants
  • you will never feel comfortable in a bathing suit
  • you will have a stomach that droops over your pants
  • you will feel self-conscious
  • you will continue to beat yourself up
  • you will not have the energy or the strength to live a long and energetic life
  • you will cut your life short.  That’s a big one!


Those lists could’ve been much longer.  This is what I know, because that is where I was. 

I’m not just giving you what I think.  I’ve been there.

Here is something else that you need to read to get your head in the game (yes, High School Musical reference).  It will be tough at times to eat right and to summon up the strength to workout. It will require dedication and willpower.  It will require total effort. It will call for you to suck it up and stay strong

BUT, I promise that when you reach your goal…IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!

Here is a quick video to get you fired up. Anything is possible if you want it! 





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