Be a Flu Fighter

You can’t go anywhere right now without seeing a sign for Flu shots.  Everywhere you turn there is a clinic set up offering a simple shot to help protect you against the flu.


I’m not going to say whether you should or shouldn’t get the shot, but I am going to say that you should do everything you can to protect yourself from becoming a victim of this mean little “bug”.

The best defense against the flu is a strong offence.  Don’t let the coughing, headache, body ache, fever, chills, vomiting and everything else virus get you this year.


Here are some simple things-reminders you can do to help protect yourself.

1.)  Wash you hands!  You touch people’s hands, doors, railings and elevator buttons all day long.  Have you ever thought what other people are leaving behind…gahhhh can you say gross? Not near a sink…no worries, always, I mean always carry a good hand sanitizer with you.

2.)  Nutrition. Eat foods that are full of antioxidants.  Fruits and vegetables are your best bet in that department.  Think the colours of the rainbow over a dark leafy base.  You can also supplement with vitamins.  Look for vitamins A, B, C, D and E.  A good multi will do the trick.  Don’t wait till you feel symptoms…tis the season!

3.)  Get outside in the fresh air.  Just because its cold out, you need to get out and take in some fresh air.  If the sun is shining, go suck it in.  The lack of daylight hours this time of year can zap your vitamin D so why not get it the natural way to help.

4.)  Exercise!  Yes, believe it or not exercise can help fight off the nasty little virus.  Studies have shown that exercise can boost you immune system function and a stronger healthier body is better equipped to keep you going strong.

5.)  Rest.  Sleep and recovery are always essential, but as we gear up for the heavy celebration season, you really need to help your body recover and rest with sleep.

6.)  Be a considerate parent.  If your wee ones are under the weather, don’t send them to school.  Even if they don’t have the flu, you’re just asking for their weak bodies to suck up the petri dish of disease that is the classroom.  And if your child does have the flu, for goodness sakes, keep them home.  Yes its tough to keep them home that extra day, but other parents will thank you and there isn’t anything like a little extra cuddle time with your babies.

7.)  Cover your mouth when you cough.  No, this doesn’t help  you much, but when others see you doing it, they may remember to do it as well.  Cough into your elbow, not your hands (refer to point 1).

8.)  Avoid refined sugar.  Ever wonder why Flu season starts just after Halloween, ramps up over Christmas and settles down at Easter???  Sugar!!!

9.)  Mind your minerals.  Just like vitamins, minerals are best taken before the onset of the flu. Zinc, selenium and Iron have all been proven beneficial in the flu fight.

10.) Lot’s o’ liquids. Stay hydrated. Water is a must!

There is no way to guarantee yourself a flu free year, but if you take these steps, you will be increasing your odds.  Tis the season to be a germaphobe so celebrate!



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