Challenges, Obstacles and Hugs


We all have those days…the days when you are just not feelin’ it. 

There could be things going on in your life that make you feel unhappy, unmotivated or just down right sad.

It could be as simple as not enough sleep, rushing around to pick up the kids, not having groceries for dinner, someone said something to you and it wasn’t what they said but the tone in which they said it, a work deadline or a crappy boss.

How these things play out is really up to you. You’re either a cup half empty or cup half full kind of thinker.  

You have to make a conscious decision everyday to be excited!  If you can’t be excited, then the decision is to not let those things weigh you down.  You have to take what life gives you in stride.  Control what you can control, manage what you can manage and overcome the obstacles that life throws in your path.  It’s a decision and a mind set…you control both!

So you all know that I am not a big fan of eating out…kinda weird with people touching my food and not knowing exactly what is going in said food gives me the hee-bee-jee-bees, BUT, I want you to watch this video. Anything is possible and this video shows you just that.  No matter what your challenges are, you can be amazed and inspired by people who make our problems a little less gigantic.

I definitely want to go to this restaurant to eat and get some hugs.

Click here -> Tim’s Place

Done watching?  Now go out and kick some a#*

Don’t tell people how tough your problems are…tell your problems how tough YOU are!


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