What’s it going to be this time?

Tick tock…the days are counting down…the New Year is right around the corner.hour glass

Right now everyone is rushing around to parties, getting last minute shopping done, planning big meals and hosting or attending family/friend get-togethers.

It’s no surprise at this time of the year our health becomes a distant thought. Some wine here, cheesey appetizers there, all washed down with egg nog (seriously, does anyone really drink that stuff??)

Then we’ll get past Christmas and rush right into New Year’s Eve celebrations. For some that will mean s-q-u-e-e-z-i-n-g into a party dress, other’s look forward to pulling an all night dance party and for some it means a night of reckless abandon to end the year without any thought (more wine and cheesy apps.)

At the end of the celebration season, EVERYONE will either publicly or secretly come up with a New Year resolution.

2013…lucky number 13

I want you all to make a resolution, I actually want you to make A LOT of resolutions.

In light of the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday we all need to make resolutions.

I have written about being kind (kind movement), paying if forward, being a role model, goal setting and I have written about resolutions.

I have said a gajillion (yes gajillion) times don’t make fluffy goals.

Fluffy goal: I want to lose weight…no guff everyone wants to lose weight.

Real goal: I want to lose 30lbs by March 15th

Make changes…I beg of you to make changes.

Here are a couple of easy ones:

  • be nice to people, hold doors open
  • say thank you, ask people how they are doing
  • practice patience
  • don’t hold grudges
  • stop talking trash about others, listen when others talk, stop criticizing things
  • don’t complain about the things you don’t have, be thankful for what you do have.

The usual ones that will NEVER change:

  • commit to making healthy meals
  • show up to boot camp
  • work hard and expect great things

We live in an amazing yet crazy world. Wonderful and tragic things happen daily. Make your days count. Contribute to the good in the world.

Be a game changer. Be that person that people look up to and praise for being an amazing person.

Take a few minutes, write down things you want to change, make the first step towards making the change happen.

Leave your resolutions on the blog in the comments, and I will be dang sure to support you, cheer for you and when you need it, hold you accountable.

Write down three things you will do today to make you and the world a better place.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

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