Give thanks for choices

I’m at a conference this week, getting my higher learning on ( LOL – smiley face ).  That means learning new ways to help all my boot campers and clients meet their goals.

During my time here, while people watching, I have come to a few revelations and the short answer to why obesity actually exists…


Most people waver in the willpower department and with so many easy and available choices, the simple, fast, easy and evil conquers good.  It’s a tragic tale.

For the last couple of mornings breakfast has been provided at my conference with a wide variety of options-good; eggs, fresh fruit, oatmeal, etc and evil; pastries, bacon, biscuits/gravy, etc.  Funny enough, the good foods are on a separate section.  It’s almost a form of discrimination…don’t allow the good to co-mingle with the evil.

So true!

I think that everyone knows that a chocolate pastry covered in icing is not a healthy breakfast choice but people still choose that as the way the want to start their day.

There are always choices.

No, eggs may not be a taste explosion in your mouth, but they are nourishing and provide a good source of nutrients (aka energy your body needs (not satisfaction your mouth desires)). They won’t bloat you or put you on the blood sugar roller coaster.

I used to struggle with each and every meal to make good choices. I also used to be a very heavy girl. I make the right choice because I know the pain all too well of being overweight and miserable. The 2 minutes of chewing up a donut and loving the momentary satisfaction is not worth it, plain and simple.

Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day in the States are coming up this week and we will all have choices when it comes to food. You can choose to overeat, and make bad choices or you can choose the healthy options that are available. It’s not only Thanksgiving or a holiday, it is the luncheon out or dinner with friends. There will always be an occasion and you will always have choices.

On a side note, if you are choosing to eat garbage because of the satisfaction that it gives your taste buds try REAL food. Not soaked in butter, filled with sugar, processed with chemicals.  Real food.  Taste the incredible flavor of REAL food.  You’ll find it really is good when it isn’t hidden under crap.

If you are not in your ideal body, sorry, but YOU and only you have made that choice. You have chosen  not to exercise better options. So, choose different.

Make this the wake up call you need.

Choose to be better.  Choose to be stronger and not let decadent food have control over you.

CHOOSE YOU.  You and your health are more important than any dang donut (insert evil food choice here) ever will be.



  1. Having spent the week going from one hospital visit to the next, I am very aware, and hugely grateful for my health. Incorporating respect into the relationships in my life includes the relationship I have with myself, and with my body. Real food, real excercise, and real fun. Thank you for the reminder and inspiration Carrie!!


  2. Well timed Carrie. The news was full of fat surprises yesterday:

    Since you’re out of town (and probably busy), you may have missed these stories. I suspect they will spark future blog posts!

    Safe travels,

    Leanne Anderson | Manager, Product Development & Marketing
    PHH Arval |
    The art and science of fleet management
    How am I doing? Please contact Jim Halliday, President PHH Canada at with any comments or suggestions.


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