G’Town kicked Toronto right in the Tower

It is with so much pride that I am writing this blog post.
This past Saturday many of your fellow boot campers took on the “Toronto Urban Warrior Challenge“, a 10k course that had obstacles that you had to negotiate throughout the 10km dash.

To say that I am proud is an understatement!

Toronto Urban Warrior

Our group had:  young peeps, “experienced peeps”, peeps with pre existing injuries, fast peeps, competitive peeps (looking at you Sisters & Michelle), peeps there just for the experience, some there because their friend made them do it, newlyweds…we had a diverse group.

It was a fun challenge.

Kind of like Prison ID Font

Here’s some of what made it great:

  • It was a great confidence boot to those that thought they would never run 10k with obstacles thrown in.
  • We were able to do something active and have social time. Fitness + friends = fantastic
  • Being able to get to know each other just a little more in the car on the way down and back(looking at you Tanya with your wildlife stories…hey, is that a badger or a big ass cat??)
  • Diane’s significant other took photos for us AND provided us with healthy pre race snacks–healthy snacks….that guy is a keeper!!
  • The support/encouragement of each other was amazing! This cannot be stressed enough!!

Here are some little nuggets that made it better….

  1. We learned that some people in our group can really bust a move(looking at you Monique-shock and awe with your dances moves girl!)  We saw some hard-core dance moves in the warm up. I think that everyone learned that I don’t dance and won’t even do it for a warm up and we will NEVER have dance moves at boot camp! Best line during the “dance dance revolution” warm up came from Michelle who made me bust out laughing was ” I don’t dance…I’m Swiss”  Boot Camp is boot camp….not “So I think you can dance Canada”….Nevertheless, it made for some good laughs!!!
  2. It was also further exposed that my germaphobia is extreme…touching the sandbags that hundreds of sweaty peeps carried or using a porta potty had me wanting to squirt Purell in my eyes
  3. Our race time was 3:30pm we arrived early and decided to jump the line and go in the 2:30pm. It was funny that a few peeps did not want to break the rules. I loved how they tried to keep us on the straight and narrow and rationalize how we couldn’t jump into another group(looking at you Patti) The rule followers that tried to deter us from starting early with “it will be obvious that an extra 20+ people have joined this group” thanks for the effort but I am glad that we did start early!!

A big thank you to everyone that participated, who drove, who ordered our team t-shirts, who organized the registrations. This was a team effort.

Thank you to those that encouraged your fellow boot campers to try something new!

I am proud and so honoured to be a part of your journey!
Thank you all for giving 110% and having incredible attitudes!!
Be proud of yourselves!!!

Who’s up for the next challenge???!!!! I’m pretty sure there is a marathon in 3 months we could do in Florida.

Team G’Town Boot Camp


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