6 Steps to AWESOME!

The wind down to the end of summer has officially started (inserted sobbing here).  I know for many people who the beginning of summer turns into a free for all. Decadent food, late nights, entertaining, skipping workouts, and on and on. Then lo and behold it is the fall and your pants don’t fit.

Being healthy and fit is a journey…peaks and valleys. If you read my blog regularly you know that I have cracked the weight loss code.  Yes, I cracked the.  It’s this real complex formula of eating real food and exercising on a consistent basis. Taaa-daaaa!!

I have found that for me to have an awesome day there are a few things that have to come together. If you put these 6 tactics into play, I bet that you will feel incredible.
Here they are:

1. Real food:  veggies, fruit, lean protein, healthy fats. No boxed or processed food. This one is a deal breaker.  You CANNOT out train a bad diet. You will feel soooo much better when you are nourished. I beg of you to stop making lame excuses why you can’t eat healthy…that’s getting old! Food can either harm or heal….you choose!

2. Exercise: you knew this one was coming, as if this wouldn’t be on the list! Exercise affects your mind, you all know that you get a bit squirrely when you don’t workout. Body…well, that’s easy, your body feels it and reacts *cough* tight pants *cough* Spirit you are in a much better spirit when you are not constantly worrying about those tight pants.

3. Sleep: we all need 7-ish hours, (I’m still working on this one) but I know that when I do get a good nights sleep that I can take on the world. During sleep your body repairs and recovers itself.  It needs that time to do allow to be your best, so off to bed early ok!

4.  Downtime: this goes with point #3 – everyone needs downtime. Time to regroup. Sitting in front of the tv is not downtime!! Unwind with a book or hit the hay early. When time allows for it, I love finding a quiet spot in the house and closing my eyes for 20 minutes. Cat naps are amazing!

5. Attitude: Your attitude affects everything, cup half full kind of thinking. If you start your day with a bad attitude good luck turning it around. Have an attitude of gratitude, be thankful for what you have and where you are in life–it could always be worse! Focus on what works, not what doesn’t. Life can be exciting…but that’s up to you!

6. Supplements: Yes, supplements…simmer down. I rely on my boot camp protein powder to help with recovery and provide energy. I also take vitamin C and Omega 3.  No supplement is a solution or magic pill…it is to aid with your current healthy lifestyle…thus why it’s called supplement… not replacement.

There you have it… 6 things that you know you should do, now start. Implement a few of these strategies and take note of how you feel and get back to me with your results!


If you have any strategies that you use, please let us know and leave a comment below!!!

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