Why you need an Olympic mentality for fitness.

Only the best compete here

Like so many people right now, I am glued to the Olympics.  My children have been subjected to the only thing on the TV is one sport or another.  My husband is in heaven since it means no reality shows on either.

I really love everything about the Olympics.  Athlete’s have to be at their best every time they show up.  They can’t take a minute off.  They can’t lose focus for a moment.  Everything about the last several years of their lives, if not their entire lives, has been in preparation for the moment on the Olympic stage.

Besides the sports, I also love watching the filler stories about the athlete’s themselves.  Their training, their diet, their commitment.  In Canada, we get all the coverage live (sorry NBC watcher’s) and they have had a doctor that explains what happens during an event in terms of the muscles, blood flow, lungs and how the incredible exertion of energy for the sports like rowing, cycling and running impact the body.  It’s really neat.

You don’t get these unless you have…

We can learn a lot from our Olympic athlete’s.

Goal setting

Every athlete has a goal.  It may be a personal best, a set qualifying time, or a podium finish. They set them, write them down, live them and don’t let anyone tell them they can’t do it.


Athletes’ keep their eyes on their goal in preparation and their focus is laser sharp during their event.  They don’t hear the crowds, negative people or get distracted by outside influence.  (Look no further than the men’s 100m and no one flinched when a bottle bounced on the ground just behind them while they were waiting in the blocks.)


The only thing that deters an athlete is a better one, but even then, they go out there knowing that on any given day, someone can fall, stumble or rise to the top.


You won’t see an Olympian taking a day off of training because it’s too hot or too cold.  They won’t complain about not being able to see the latest movie or stay up to date with their favourite TV show.  They won’t be eating crap because they have a craving.  They are committed to being their best and they know that they have to be committed to everything that will help them get to their goal.


We all have a desire to be great in our own way and our own vocation.  The difference between most of us and the people who accomplish their goals is their desire.  But, all the desire in the world won’t mean anything unless you put commitment, determination, focus and goals where they belong…on the top of the podium.

You might not have the natural ability to be an Olympian or maybe you are just a little to old to be at the top of your athletic game, but when it comes to your fitness, you sure can have all the attributes above to achieve your potential.

Size, weight, strength or endurance are your goals to be had. Set them, focus there and don’t let anything or anyone deter you from reaching your goals.

Put yourself in the best position to achieve your own Olympic glory.

Position yourself to win.


  1. We have been watching the Olympics 24/7 since they started. I cried when Canada won it’s 1st Gold, cheered and been totally amazed at the strength and determination of all the athletes. Last night the crunches kept us challenged, but I can’t imagine the exercise regime each athlete goes through. The men on the rings blew my mind. The strength of their core muscles must be challenged to the max!! I’ve really enjoyed watching the segments done that show who motivates the athletes as well as the lesson taught by the Doctor on how the whole body works together. In our house we will certainly miss the Olympics once they are finished.


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