Diets; gah that dreaded word

If there is a diet out there, I know about it. Either I had tried it before I knew better or now I do my due diligence and research them so I can see if any of them are actually valid and will help you.

Most diets are nothing more than marketing gimmicks.  Deep down, I know you know that already so yes, I am going to yell “YOU STILL FALL FOR THESE GIMMICKS”

I will say, SOME diets do work and are not a health risk. Depending on how crazy or restrictive they are will be a factor if you can tough it out and if it is sustainable over the long-term for your health.

Those few good diets work.  People fail. They give up. They quit and then blame the diet. A diet is like a budget.  If you stick to it and stay within the terms, they will work.

I have told all of you what to do.  I have blogged about it and I have listed out what to do.  It’s your choice if you don’t want to listen or actually apply what I have said.  I find it funny that people will take diet advice from friends (who have no health or fitness background) or from a book that has no actual proof that the plan works.

This is an epidemic. Diet companies, book sellers, potion/pill manufacturers, Dr’s that are putting bands around your stomach are banking on the fact that you are so desperate and lazy they can sell you something.

Here is the secret; you have to eat real food and exercise.  No glitter or sparkles.  No high paid celebrity endorsement.  No wow factor or clever copy writing. Just sweat and mental toughness. Look at that, I just saved you hours of reading some book that claims to be the best diet plan ever.

Stop over eating, stop eating junk, stop eating processed food, stop filling yourself with chemicals.  Turn off the television, walk away from the computer, close the iPad and exercise. Get off the phone and make a meal with real food.

Fit people think differently.  Food is nourishment and energy.   There is no emotional value to food. If being in a room and cake is being served and it is driving you to cold sweats, you need to toughen up. It is just cake. You have had it before and you know what it tastes like so there is no big surprise there.  Get over any emotional value you put on crappy food.

Everyone is tired, busy, stressed, overworked and over scheduled but why is it some people find a way? They make their lunch, they drink water, they exercise.  Those people know how good fit feels and how it is so worth it.

One component that every diet or program or system is missing is how to re-train your brain.

The key to any program is found in the individual.  “Results may vary” no guff!!

Mental toughness/fitness my friends is what is key. I have blogged and blogged and blogged about getting mentally tough.  About standing up to that piece of cake and saying “NO!” Mental toughness about not giving into some made up craving.

I like to consider myself a cute and cuddly kinda girl, but this is one topic that gets me fired up.

I don’t sugar coat things for you, (because sugar makes you fat), I tell it like it is and sometimes you don’t like it. Monday’s blog hit a few nerves. No one wants to think of themselves as a quitter, but when it comes to health and fitness we have somehow given ourselves an out by blaming everything under the blazing sun except taking responsibility for eating those dang cookies and pizza.

Being overweight is uncomfortable both physically and mentally.  I know this first hand. Why, oh why do you do this to yourself???? You are putting yourself through this pain.  If you are overweight you have done it done it to yourself.  Sure, you may have been tricked, misled and uninformed by slick marketing and hidden facts, but you are the only one who can fix it.  I

I have told you what to do.  It’s now up to you if you choose to listen and apply it. I have worked with thousands of people, so yes, I know what I am talking about.

I have written how I battled a food addiction every single day.  Every hour I have to really stay strong to make good choices. I didn’t get to 225 pounds by loving salad. When I tell you that I know how you feel, I really do!  I understand your stresses and I can relate. I ACTUALLY CAN BECAUSE I’VE BEEN THERE!!!

I have studied a lot of written material.  I’ve taken part in research.  I have torn apart food labels, meal plans, diet books to make sure I give you the best quality information for your health that is available.

You need to eat.  That is a simple and plain fact of life.  But what you eat has to be for health not for your pleasure.

If you eat junk you will feel and look like junk.  Garbage in, garbage out.

So get out there, move, eat healthy and enjoy everything you can…for as long as possible.  In 30, 20, 10, 5, 1 years, tomorrow you’ll be happy you did!


  1. I was folding laundry and watching tv when I saw a commercial for Herbal Magic. I thought ” what about exercise”. As soon as you stop your pills, you’ll be back! Never tried it/ never done it. I had someone ask me what Bootcamp costs. I told them and their response was ooo it’s expensive, but they fill their kids up with crappy food that comes from a can or eat at fast food restaurants. They also don’t let their kids eat more than one piece of friut per day (both have high paying jobs, but different priorities) I feel bootcamp is worth every penny!!! It’s my health/ life and it’s PRICELESS! Not eating whatever the treat/junk is a challenge on some days but I if I don’t buy it, I actually have to get in the car to go get it. I give my daughters the use of my van daily so I can’t be lazy and have to walk back and forth to a local school pulling 80lbs in a wagon (two 3 yr. old)


    1. I totally agree with you Maureen, none of those commercials ever talk about fitness. They just show the latest celebrity talking about great their food is and how much weight they have lost. Then 1 year later, we see them on Oprah’s couch talking about why they put weight back on! I have also been asked about how much bootcamp costs and I tell people that it’s the best value for your money. I have tried other exercise programs/gyms and they were way more expensive and you got a lot less for your $$$.
      (no help, no encouragement, uninformed people giving you erroneous information). I went to Christmas party on Saturday night and received alot of compliments on my weight loss. It was the best feeling ever! Everyone wanted to know my “secret”, so I told them: get of the couch, put down the chips, get moving, and sign up for Carries class!


  2. What’s really concerning to me is hearing comments from my 19 year old daughter that she would be interested in trying the magic potions/pills. This demographic is so at risk having grown up in the ready-made, pre-boxed, immediate gratification era. Fortunately my husband and I are still able to influence her to be active and she believes that her diet and exercise are key to the best she can be.


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