You are where you are because of the choices you have made.

Are you the person you want to be? Are you in the body you want or deserve? Are you happy? Or, have you lost yourself?

I get messages, tweets or in person conversations with people and when they say “I’m am trying to get back to the person I once was”.  Even though that breaks my heart, my response isn’t very often sympathetic.

You are where you are because of the choices you have made.  

Yes, there are always situations that come up which may be out of your control and you roll with them.

But, if you let those situations take total control of your life…who is to blame?

Often we women lose ourselves and take on titles/identities and let them define us….mom, wife, employee, home maker. The worst part of those titles is often the expectation or image that you have set to those titles.

I hear this a lot:

“It’s ok that I am carrying an extra 20lbs, I’m a mom and I’m busy and I am not fit/sexy/vibrant anymore, because I’m a mom now”.  Just to set the record straight; that is total crap.  It’s an excuse!

You are where you are because of the choices you make.

I applaud you for wanting your child to be exposed to every extra curricular activity.  To let them experience everything they can, but are you sacrificing yourself and your family’s health by eating pizza on the way to practice or using the drive through window as the place you gather as a family for a meal?

Do you think that your kids will be grateful that you are suffering health issues because you neglected your health so you could be at every practice?

Think your kids will be happy that you can’t go bike riding or rollerblading because your knees cant take the pressure or you get too winded.  That’s a reality.  What are you missing out on?  Think sitting in an arena, or in the bleachers night after night wishing you were 20lbs lighter is going to get you what you want?  Guess what; you can’t wish away the pounds…. and if that infomercial ever surfaces, you’ve been warned.

Your health needs to be a priority. Read that again.

I spoke with a client today and had shown her some exercises that we would do and her response was “I can’t do that, I am an over weight, middle-aged mom” WHAT??????

News flash….over-weight middle aged moms can kick some serious ass (sorry for cussing-trying to drive the point home) If you have a goal and you want change-you can do anything!  In shape middle-aged moms can do even more!!

We have so many moms that come to boot camp and they are killing it.  They give it their all and THE RESULTS SHOW!

What are you missing out on in life because of your weight or self perceived image? I can guarantee that your kids want you to play with them and they want you to be there when they are older.  They won’t look back and say wish you sat at every practice.  But think of the message you send to them when they look over at you and you are exercising, giving it your all and teaching them through actions that hard work pays off and commitment to yourself is so important!

If you start investing some time in yourself you will be investing time into your family and into your longevity.

I want you all to live a long and healthy life.  Don’t you want the same for yourself? You just can’t wish it to happen; you have to make it happen. Stop making excuses. Make changes instead, make progress for life.

Make some changes…eat healthy and get moving.

What ever happened yesterday is over. Today is all yours….own it!

Power quote:

“The future has several names.  For the weak, it is impossible.  For the fainthearted, it is unknown.  For the thoughtful and valiant, it is ideal.” – Victor Hugo




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