Be the best you!

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” ~Thomas Jefferson~

If you are like many busy people you usually take care of everyone else but yourself.  You are putting your needs behind everyone the needs of those around you, but….at what cost?

You might notice that you have said things like, “Once hockey is over I will get back to exercising”, “As soon as I get that new job (or whatever) I will start working out and eating right.”, “When the nice weather returns I’ll get back to exercising.”

Maybe you’ve start noticed that you have less and less energy.  Things that once were simple or “easy” are now requiring real effort.  It might seem that you “woke” up and wondered how you gained that 25lbs?

The neglect of your personal well-being could take place over weeks, months or even years.  If you are sick or your body can’t handle exertion than what good are you to those that you have put before your own health needs?

Everyone has the ability to feel energetic.  Everyone should have energy each and everyday.  You have the right to put your health and fitness needs at the forefront of your life.

When you have energy, you can do anything.

When you feel energetic you usually feel more creative.  Things you do are more fun, your relationships are healthier.  Your thoughts are clear and can lead to action.  You are enthusiastic about life.  You feel confident, unstoppable, fearless.

Who doesn’t want to feel like that every single day????

Take care of yourself.  Be healthy, make the changes you know you need to make. Stop making excuses…make changes!

Go from good to great.

Be amazing, not average!


  1. I’ve been in the downward spiral before – too tired to make healthy meals, too tired to exercise, and down right miserable.

    I’ve also been in the energetic zone for most of the past 2 1/2 years – thanks to healthy eating and exercise. Once you start, you feel so good, you don’t want to stop!! 🙂

    Thx C!!


  2. This was me! This was me! One excuse after another. I feel putting yourself 1st is a learned process, fish out of water for many of us. It ROCKS because when we LEARN to put ourselves first, I believe we can take better care of others, physically & mentally. Going to the b/c classes, having the support (& great instructor) keeps MY motivation HIGH and the excuses LOW. I don’t care that sometimes I’m last in line. I now take it one day at a time & enjoy being at the party! Thx everyone !!


  3. I hear you Carrie! This is totally me! It is hard to put yourself first when the kids need you to take them everywhere! I hope to be back to bootcamp soon! I am trying to keep up with the healthy eating and fit in the exercise in when I can. I find it tough without the help of people to motivate me, like yourself! Hope to see you soon!


  4. Speaking as a former overworked, extremely stressed, under appreciated mom of two very busy kids I can say that since I started putting my health and well being first we are ALL much better off.
    On those days when I’m feeling unmotivated or I don’t feel like working out I turn on some great music that gets my feet tapping and puts a smile on my face and we’re off to the races (had to throw in a little horse talk with the Kentucky Derby approaching)
    Keep motivated ladies!


  5. I hear you Carrie! This is totally me! One excuse after another. Right now I am too tired to make proper meals and snacks, and I am miserable. I am going to be hard core when I return from my holidays (yes another excuse). When I was doing Bootcamp regularly and eating properly I was in a better mood and had way more energy!! BOOTCAMP ALL THE WAY!!!


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