The ‘Daily Dozen’ for a better life.

Yesterday was the third Monday in January.  If you are American, you celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day.  For the rest of the world, and the States as well, the third Monday in January is nicknamed, “Blue Monday”.

Researchers have figured that yesterday is the most depressing day of the year.  A formula that somehow figures that with post-Christmas bills coming in, cold temperatures, and shorter days makes for an ugly day.  Debt, a lack of sunlight, colder temperatures (crap was it cold yesterday) and yes, here’s a big one…the realization of the failure of New Year Resolutions all combine to make us all say YUCK!

It’s hard to say if the researchers can actually quantify their theory with solid facts, but when you look at all the reasons they put into their reasoning, it kind of makes sense.

I don't like Monday

So, pat yourself on the back…you’ve made it past the most depressing day of the year.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m giving you something just a little different.  Enjoy the read.  Only a little hammering about health and fitness and lots about life.

1.) Be passionate about life.  It’s yours to do you what you want with it and make what you will of it.  Hum drum and ho hum or awesome and fun!!

2.) Run your own race – the only people who can beat you are the ones you allow to.

3.) Read more. Write more. Listen more.  Never stop learning

4.) Turn OFF your TV!

5.) Eliminate excuses. Everyone has one, so no one wants to hear one.  Get rid of them and we’ll all be better off.

6.) Focus, focus, focus!

7.) Water people everyday – lift people up and help them grow instead of tearing them down (speaking of water, drink lots of it…you will feel 10x better)

8.) If you want more, GIVE more. You can’t expect anything from others if you haven’t given more than you asking for.

9.) Make sure you eat 6 small meals per day. I like to do 4 solid meals and 2 protein shakes

10.) Say please, thank you, excuse me and I love you more.

11.) Define your personal “game-changing” move in 2011.  Write it down, call it a goal and then get it done!

12.) Be the most positive person you know.

Choose one thing on this list if you need a starting point to feeling better or even better, develop your own list then pick one thing to focus on each and every day.

It’s January18th; decide right now to be the very best you and define who you are. We’re at the starting line: tighten up your laces, take a deep breath and lets go.  This is your life, make it incredible!

Let me hear from you!  Add your own best of things to do! Let’s make an incredible list that everyone can benefit from!


  1. Great post Carrie! Thank you for being an for us inspiration today. Each day is a new chance to give it your best. Goals can sometimes be daunting but if you don’t decide where you want to go…. how can you expect to get there!!? I’m going to share my mantra for 2011 – IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME – amy2


  2. Thanks, Carrie. This was definitely a great read. Forgiving others helps me to be happier. No point in carrying around a lot of bitterness in your heart. It just brings you down and makes trying to achieve other goals much more difficult. Bitterness zaps your energy. Just let it go…! Well, I keep trying.


  3. Great idea Carrie. I think we can build on your list!! I especially like number 4 – YES – Turn OFF your TV!! Turn off all your electronics!! Eat a nice meal with your family and enjoy each others company!! Did you leave my favorite for me?!…..

    SMILE!!! Mom always said… “Brush your teeth, put on a smile, and get out the door.” LAUGH!!! Laugh and the word laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. So put on a smile and get out there!! Even if you don’t feel like smiling – it’s contagious and you’ll believe it soon enough. 🙂


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