I have a secret that will change your life!

I get this question all the time “How do you have so much energy???”

Yes.  I have three young children and a small petting zoo of animals at home (sore spot with hubby–sorry…I love you!!

I work during the day with clients and then I teach boot camp at night.  I cook, I clean and then I clean again because my children love to test my cleaning abilities-hahaha – NO JOKE, I think they conspire from time to time.

We have marathon loads of laundry and have the joy of cleaning up after animals.

My days are full and busy.

I am sure this is nothing unique to me, most of you are probably saying, “Welcome to my world too!”

I bounce out of bed in the early morning to meet with clients and sometimes I do stay up late answering emails and catching up on things.

So what’s my secret?

I have been reluctant to reveal it…..it’s been a tightly guarded secret….that I have only revealed to a certain privileged few.

Those that have been told the secret have taken it and ran with it!  I mean literally they took off (Amy comes to mind immediately!!)

If I told you that you could have endless amounts of energy, stamina to get thru your day with a smile, the ability to bounce out of bed feeling refreshed and recharged…would you want to know what it was and would you do it?

Sure you would.

I think everyone wants to know what the secret to endless energy is…but who is willing to achieve it??

There actually is a secret to my success…it’s a formula, and without it I wouldn’t be here to talk about it today.

If I hadn’t applied the formula and tweaked it over the years, I would still be 220lbs.  I’d still be sad.  I’d still be miserable.  I would still be trying to make excuses about being happy with myself, just the way I was and I would not be participating in life.  I would only be a spectator…how horrible!!

What are you missing out on because you have no energy?  Why in the world would you sacrifice any bit of happiness because of something you could change?!

What would you be doing differently if you had endless energy?  How would your life be if you bounced out of bed excited to start your day?

Do you want the secret formula?

Do you want what I and so many others have?

I will gladly reveal the secret of my success to you, but, you have to be ready for it…..who’s ready for it?????

Let me know.  I will be glad to share it. But you have to want it…Do you want it?



  1. I know what it is ….. It’s healthy eating habits, drinking lotsa water, getting 8 hours of sleep each night and going to bootcamp.
    Right Carrie ???


  2. Let me Guess.

    Eat right.

    Exercise daily.

    Sleep well!!!

    And think positive life! Like the little engine that could! I know I can I know I can!!!


  3. I’m still waiting … the answer isn’t red velvet cake is it (or the chemicals within the red dye)? Are you going to tell us something we don’t know? Is the answer really the question to myself — do I want it bad enough to make radical changes sufficient to achieve this energy goal?


  4. What is it????????????
    Lots of water, excercise, eat right, sleep well?
    You better tell me tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT IT !!!


  5. ok, you know have my attention more than ever……….WHAT IS IT?? I’m loosing pounds here just waiting for your answer!!


  6. Hi Carrie,
    Well, I’ve been here before and lost 30lbs with much of your help and guidance. Do I already know it?? probably, but just having a new baby I need to lose those 30lbs again. You got my attention, what is the secret??


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