Oprah Part II – What someone needs to tell Oprah

Well……there was quite a firestorm that started after my blog post on Oprah about what some have considered her essentially being fraudulent in her weight loss efforts.  There was a lot of support for what was written, while there was naturally some back lash. 

Those that got the take away message from the post -I want to say thank you!

To recap the take away message was: Real people with real issues are succeeding at losing weight the right way; no fads or weird infomercial products.  No celebrity trainer  books.

People that have kids, who work, who have full and over scheduled lives are doing what it takes to lose weight and get in shape.  Whereas Oprah, who has a team of staff to take care of her, doesn’t have to worry about the stresses of money, time to prepare food, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, etc. But she just can’t get a handle on her weight…and has sold the world a list of lies of products/books they should buy bestowing the virtues of abetter life, a healthier life and a better you.

I want to congratulate and give high fives to all of you who are getting healthy.

Here are a few things I need to say:

Obesity is an epidemic! It is killing people daily and yet there are no ribbon campaigns for this killer–why? Is it that if you said that being fat/overweight will kill you some people would be outraged?? Truth hurts sometimes

This goes way beyond fitting into size 2 jeans.  It’s about taking care of yourself and being as healthy as you want to be.  If you are not taking care of your health by eating healthy foods and exercising sensibly, you are asking for trouble.

There is a campaign to end fat talk—it’s the “Fat Talk Free Week”….ugh….really???  How about we put an end to yo-yo dieting or put an end to infomercials that are blatantly lying and being fraudulent in their claims. Put an end to being overweight or fat or weight challenged (again whatever term makes you feel better), ignoring these issues will not make it go away.

Enough with the enabling and coddling…..look at where it has gotten us…..the population is at it’s largest and unhealthiest.  Young children are kids battling heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure–SHAME!  Schools have destroyed physical education and competitive games which were staples at one time to child development.

If you think that a diet centre, pills, pre-packaged food are going to be the answers to your weight loss goals, I’ll tell you right now that you are only fooling yourself and you would be better to give your hard earned money to charity.  It has been proven time and time again by celebrities, your neighbour, co-workers, (you know someone that has done one of these “programs”) and you know that they never kept the weight off…Smarten Up People!!  We are such a tech savvy society now but we still throw our common sense away when it comes to losing weight…..why???? 

There is NO mystery to lose weight…read that again…..wait…..here’s a headline…..”Carrie solves the mystery to losing weight”  and I’m going to give it away to right now for free!!!

Eat healthy real food (not from a box) and exercise, that’s it, that’s all and the mystery has been solved!!!!!!  Think I could get a role on CSI?????  I know it is not glamorous but does it need to be…it’s common sense, which has become the most uncommon thing in the world. 

If you tell me you can’t or don’t have the time to eat smart or to exercise–I don’t believe it and it is a lame excuse quite frankly.

Let’s be real about this issue…even 15 extra pounds of fat on your body stresses your heart, lungs, bones, etc  Do you want to talk about aging yourself….that will do it.  You want to talk about limiting your life span, that’s a great start.  The stress just a few extra pounds puts on your body is significant.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be?

Do you want to feel better? Then take control, be tough mentally and spend the extra 15 minutes at night making your lunch for the next day. Get exercising, even when you are dog tired you will feel better that you got your body moving and made it stronger!

The only people that I intend on offending with this post are those that say it can’t be done.  Those that will lie to you with slick marketing campaigns and those that don’t care about the long term results for you, only grabbing a quick buck…and no, I’m not sorry if you’re offended.

Here is to your health and here is to your education.

Agree/Disagree, like it or leave it…let me know your thoughts!

Who loves ‘ya?


  1. YOU are the only person who can make the CHOICE to CHANGE your life, same goes for OPRAH. There will always be reasons life is challenging but it comes down to being TRUTHFUL with YOURSELF and DECIDE to start choosing what is GOOD for yourself and feel good about that instead of feeling bad making excuses for what you know you SHOULD be doing!

    I have been wishing I could lose weight since I was an early 20’s, Now in my early 30’s IT has taken me 3 years of learning and preparing myself and my mind to make better choices and put myself first while still taking care of my family’s needs. NOW I AM READY! I want to wear a bathing suit & shorts next summer, comfortably and confidently. Every crunch, curl and lunge I am focused on I CAN DO THIS – I LOVE BOOTCAMP – YOU ALL ARE MY INSPIRATION – Keep showing up WE CAN do this together!

    Bottom line, if you BELIEVE you CAN’T….. YOU ARE RIGHT, nothing I, Carrie or Oprah say could ever change that ONLY YOU CAN, IT IS ALWAYS UP TO YOU.


  2. Good post Carrie. I have finally started something that I know will work. I have not been losing weight as quickly as I have in the past, but hopefully that means that I will not be gaining it back the way I have in the past either. Eating well feels good. Exercising your ass off feels good. (Well, it does when it’s over). 🙂
    Little Story:
    My daughter started JK. So, every day she can bring a healthy snack: Yogurt, cheese, fruit or veggies. We talk about her snack every morning when I prepare it. She told me yesterday that one little friend brings a hot dog as a snack every day. Now, I know that I am not a perfect parent and I know that I’m no Carrie or Amy, but COME ON! Stop feeding your kids crap people! And if you don’t, tell your friends not to feed their kids crap! Sorry, Oprah topic does not get me fired-up, this one does. Have a good day. See you tomorrow morning. 🙂


    1. Hi Daniela!
      First-I am so proud of you for working so hard towards your goals! Again, you are proof that a busy, stressed mom can manage to take care of her health!! High five!!!

      Teaching our kids about healthy eating is vital! They are bombarded with commercials about colourful snacks, cereals, juices, candy and that’s are what is hurting our kids.
      Kids learn what they live and if they learn that junk food is ok that’s what they will eat—if they are taught and exposed to healthy food-it opens up their palate and they wont have these battles with food that society is having now.

      Way to go on!!! Its about making changes—we all should know good from bad—make the right choices!!


  3. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Carrie’s way! 🙂 As far as I’m concerned there is no other way.

    This is as Carrie says “so simple” real food and exercise.

    Make the decision to get off the couch and start moving and you will NOT be dissapointed.

    Living proof!


    1. Hurricane…you are living proof! You decided to make the changes and stuck with it!! You are doing it each and everyday—you are a role model for everyone that is fighting this battle! I am beyond proud of how far you have come!!


  4. I gotta say, I LOVE bootcamp. No question. It works. Having struggled with my weight for years and years, I find your post pretty offensive and judgmental. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year on solid, scientific research trying to solve to obesity epidemic. Every day people get up, try and fail. Again and again. If it were just as easy as eat less and exercise, no one would be fat. No one wants to be overweight and unhealthy. There are many many complicated reasons people are overweight and to suggest it all boils down to exercise and eating healthy is not only absurd but unscientific. There are metabolic, physiological, psychological, economical and social reasons for being overweight. Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Because they aren’t trying hard enough? Really? And to pass judgement on Oprah for not being successful in this one area of her life, feels like you are passing judgement on me too.
    Here are a couple of blogs I love, hope you will check them out:
    Still love boot camp 🙂



    1. Hey Jenn…I’m glad you LOVE Boot Camp! You are a hard worker and give it lots of energy and effort.
      There are millions and millions of dollars spent on research and prevention, but there are hundreds of millions (actually billions) built into the marketing of products, lotions, potions, pills that hurt everyone. Money that adds to the obesity epidemic that you mentioned. Good solid science, research and common sense can’t touch the mass marketing dollars spent that go against the good things.
      I know there are real medical issues at hand for some people that cause problems in people’s quest for a better and healthier life.
      You will never hear me say that fighting for your health, losing weight and staying in control is easy, because it’s not. I know that first hand, (former fat girl). I also know first hand that it was easier complaining about where I was than it was to change what I looked and felt like. It was easier to grab crappy food products to eat that were ready made, packed with additives, preservatives and chemicals than it is to prepare real food.
      It’s the simple changes we make that have the most benefit. I can pass judgement, because I passed it on myself for a long time. I used every excuse there was. No time, no money, no support, ease of the way things were, easy to lay on the couch, easy to do the wrong things. I have also helped hundreds and hundreds of people. I’ve seen all the road blocks, I’ve heard all the challenges. This isn’t just theory, its practise as well. I’ve studied health, fitness, weight-loss, weight-gain. I know what works and what hurts. My fat loss and my weight loss from pregnancies has amounted to well over 200 pounds…you can consider me own guinea pig too. I’ve worked with Doctor’s doing research and studies…I’ve been in the industry at every level, at all angels.
      Simple to make the decision to change. Simple to commit to a better way of life.
      It was harder to get healthy, harder to stay healthy. Easier to live life to the fullest now.
      I am not judging you ever unless you quit and take the easy road…but I a pretty sure you won’t, you don’t seem that way inclined to me.


  5. I just want to say that “fat” people are not the only ones who are unhealthy. Many “skinny” people are also harming their health by making poor food choices and not exercising.. They might look good on the outside but who knows what’s happening inside. Bottom line is eating a healthy balanced diet combined with an exercise program will help us all. I love bootcamp too and am so glad I joined 🙂 Thank you Carrie and all the other bootcampers that keep us going!


  6. Well to comment – I am pro Carrie beliefs!!!!!!! You had mentioned in class that you were getting e-mails from different groups about your methods. But they really didn’t listen or read what you had to say. I am eating more now than when I was not exercising and eating the junk food. I eat 5 times per day! Twice as much as I did before I started to watch what I ate. And like you say – it is what you eat that matters!!!!


  7. After reading your post, I do agree that we are an overweight society, and it has to stop. Have you ever wondered if everyone is overweight because the lack of exercise and nutrition or is it something else going on in their body. To stay alive, and keep my cancer from spreading my thyroid level is kept very low. I exercise everyday, and eat less than my 7 year old girls, but I am still quite large! I recently went to Kelsey’s for lunch with my girlfriend, and ordered a salad with grilled shrimp, and the dressing on the side. I was told my young skinny waitress, that it was a good thing that I had started my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight , and hopefully I will keep it up. I was furious, I eat like this everyday. So, please don’t be so quick to judge, eating healthy and exercising is part of my daily routine. I have never stepped foot into a “Weight Loss” clinic, but I have worked with Bariatric specialist to help me maximize my food intake vs. my non working metabolism. I have had to learn to accept my change in my body, and be grateful for everything I have…I am alive!!


    1. Wow….there are certainly exceptions and when medical issues arise it can be so tough. Your attitude is going to make you a winner, be careful though of cutting out too much food. You don’t want to starve your body because that can lead to a further slow down in metabolism.


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