Tuesday Turkey Recovery Tips

Well, it’s over…another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Did you pause before eating with family and friends to mention things you are thankful for? We did in our house.  We do it every year.  It’s great listening to the kids come up with what they are thankful for.

I even made a point this year to make a point of using each day of the weekend to give thanks for something.  Today on Twitter it was simple, heart felt two-parter:





Really, that’s what it is for me, plain and simple, an honour to be trusted to take that journey with you…thank you, each and every one of you that has allowed me into your life to help you.

OK…enough of the touchy feely stuff…onto the reason I’m writing.

Turkey, potatoes, beans, squash, cranberries, bread, butter, gravy, stuffing…. sound familiar?  No, I wasn’t peaking in your windows; it’s what everyone has.

Feel a little bloated or heavy now?  Clothes a little more snug today?  Well, that’s to be expected hours after Thanksgiving.  Had you listened to me before the meal (remember the last post…Attitude for Gratitude) you probably don’t feel off at all right now.  For the rest of you…here is your recovery tips:

  1. Water.  Yes, time to flush your body out.  One of the biggest hidden gems n your meal that may or may not realize was hiding in obnoxious amounts was sodium.  Time to get it out of your body, along with all the other benefits that water will provide you.
  2. Get Moving.  The natural tendency is to sit down, get off your feet and rest from a probably very hectic weekend.  I don’t blame you one bit, but don’t!! Go outside, play with the kids, take the dog for a walk, rake the leaves.  The more you move, the more your body uses energy, the less stores that your body will want to hid away for later.
  3. Don’t Starve Yourself.  So many people think skipping the next meal is ok since you probably over ate at this one.  Don’t.  The last thing you want to do now is trigger starvation protection in your mind.  You want your body to get the energy used up, not stored up.
  4. Exercise. No, this isn’t the same as get moving.  This is the actual act of resistance training.  Making your muscles use the energy that you just consumed (sounds nicer than saying you just ate calories).

So, a pretty simple road to recovery.  4 steps that you should already be doing anyway.  But they are even more important right now.

What I want to know is did you do any of these steps after your meal on your own or did you take the prep steps I laid out in the last blog post?  Let me know how it worked for you.

I would also love to know what you did to help you stay on track if the evil foods that were laid out before you didn’t tempt you.

By the way…do you realize the eating season has begun? Are you ready for it? Next blog post…


  1. Well I tried something different this year. Had lots of company and lots of cooking – but really didn’t eat that much at dinner. Was too full from the snacks. But – the snacks I made before were veggie trays with a very low fat hummus dip and muti grain breads and yougurt based dips. Not into hummas that much but had lots of carrots, celery, broccoli – and of course drank lots of water and had a protein shake as well before dinner. Too full from all that to eat much dinner. Had a small piece of turkey – don’t like stuffing so that wasn’t an issue. But had more broccoli and cauliflower. Put all sauces on the side and let people add add as much as they want. For dessert – used your pumkin pie recipe – everyone gobbled it up (did use a pie crust though). Also had a fruit tray as well. Blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, raspberries, pineapple and grapes. That was gone as well! Didn’t gain any weight this weekend! Unfortuneately not much excercise due to the sore back.


    1. Way to go Patty!!! That is awesome! Sometimes it is just re thinking things – still enjoying everything but focusing more on the healthier options!

      Staying on track is MUCH easier than having to get back on track!!

      You’re a great role model Patty!!!

      I made a killer sweet potatoe pie—will be posting it—-it is crazy healthy and super yummy—it will be great for Christmas or any upcoming dinners!!


      http://www.georgetownfitnessbootcamp.com http://www.thebootcampblog.com 647-2-BE-FITT


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