6 Minute Move It

Wow!! A lot of you watch Breakfast Television in the morning.  How do I know? We received some great feedback from all of you after seeing us on TV this morning.

That is where we introduced the “6 Minute Move It” Program.  This program is designed to get you moving in the morning.  A way to get the blood pumping and your muscles firing up.  You start you day like this and you can’t help but be better prepared mentally, physically and emotionally.

So here they are….the 6 exercises that you can use to get your day started right!

1.) Squats – The biggest muscle group in your body gets the first hit of attention.

2.) Lunges – The king of lower body blasting.

3.) Push-ups – Chest, shoulders, arms, back…a wake up call for your upper body.

4.) Crunches – Never forget the mid section.

5.) Tri-Cep dips – Guys…3 muscles, makes your arms pop. Ladies, have to control the chicken wings and keep them tight

6.) Jumping Jacks – Finish off with some low impact cardio.

Each exercise is one minute in duration with no rest in between.  If you can’t do one full minute, take a quick rest to allow your body to get ready to do it again or move onto the next exercise.  Either way you are working those muscles hard and when you do it everyday, it won’t be long until you are completing the minute.

Everyone of these exercises is simple, proven and you can scale them to your needs.  Lunges too easy for you? Grab a couple of 5 pound dumbbells and do them.  Push-ups too hard? Do them on your knees or against the foot board of your bed, or wall until you can do them properly.

The idea here is not to turn into the next fitness model on the cover of ‘Incredible Sexy Great Body”.  The goal here is to get your day started right.  Setting a tone for the week and making sure you are improving your life.

6 minutes a day.  For most of us, that means getting up when the alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze.  For some it means setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal.  Either way…you can never have the excuses of time, equipment, or memberships again.

What do you think? Too much, too little? Can you do it…commit 6 minutes per day to your health, fitness and wellness? Let me now.  Would love to hear your feedback!


  1. I was looking for this 6 minute workout on the BT site yesterday after watching BT and this morning I had it in my email. I started this morning….6 minutes is nothing and it gets your body moving….thank you so much.


  2. Saw you on BT and thought…I could do that!! So glad your website was posted on the BT website since I missed it on the show…great idea, especially since you showed different levels of difficulty offering the exercises to a greater variety of people! I’ve already told another girlfriend about you so word is travelling quickly!


    1. It is a program that anyone can do at any fitness level…but the ease, options and full body attention are so good to get your day started right. Way to go for doing it…keep going!


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