Diet Programs…Thanks for your Money!

I am always amazed, concerned, scared, mad and really upset when I hear clients horror stories of how much money they spent on some big name diet program that they received a mailing or a cold call for.  They got a sales pitch that guaranteed them great results in little time or a magic pill, potion or lotion that promised unbelievable results. (First clue!)

Maybe if it was a really well researched and run program, there might even be medical support for the program.

The last time I ever saw a diet program that required a doctor’s assistance was on TV with people who’s hearts were on the verge of exploding.

People, weight loss should never require medical intervention.  First it should never get that bad.  Second, natural weight loss shouldn’t require a doctor.  And no insult meant, most doctors have no idea what to do with an over weight patient.  “You should exercise and improve your diet.”  Yes, and if your car doesn’t work you should go see a mechanic.  Some statements are just obvious.

Diet programs teach you how to eat their products which they sell or you can conveniently buy in your grocery store at a premium price for institutionally prepared food.  By the way, if the ingredients can’t be pronounced or they don’t sound like something that grows from or on the ground…it’s not food.  At best its a food product.

Diet programs teach you how to avoid eating. They teach you how to rely on a scale as an indication of your results.   Diet programs teach you how to accept less money in your wallet for minimal results and be happy about it.  “Way to go Ellie, you lost two pounds this month.  Keep up the great work and remember to count your points, deal your meals and take your vitamins by injection??? To me that all sounds a little, say less than great.

When was the last time you ever heard a diet program bestow the virtues of solid, sensible exercise?  Which program is it that teaches you about portion control?  Which program teaches you why some foods are counter productive to weight loss, not just in the points?

They don’t.  Because a great deal of their business is based on failure of their clients or clients not continuing in the program.  Same as how a gym bases its budget on you paying for a membership but not showing up, or buying a huge training package and not taking part.

The reason they won’t teach you is because it’s counter productive to their ‘business model’.

Why will I teach you all of those things?  Because my business model is, ‘put myself out of business’.  That’s right, I don’t want to have to help people lose weight, change their lives and take control of their health.

I want to give everyone the information they need to take control of their own lives and not need my services anymore.

The more successful I am at helping you, the better off you will be and the better we will all be.  It’s kind of like, “Give a person a fish, they eat for a day, give them a fishing pole they go hungry.” Sorry, I just don’t like fishing.

I can tell you all the secrets and give you all the advice or I can sabotage your success and keep you coming back for more.

I would prefer to protect my reputation by helping your achieve your goals as quick and safe as possible.  You do better with your goals, I do better with mine…change the world, one Boot Camper at a time.

So what’s your experience? Am I wrong, right, let me know.  I’ve never used one, just studied them and heard the stories.  So give me your feedback.


  1. This is the best thing I’ve read about diet plans in a long time Carrie! I have tried so many of these type of plans you mention and have never had the kind of results I have had with YOUR plan!!! With your plan I feel good and don’t feel like I’m sacrificing or starving myself. You make it easy to follow and stick to as well. The support you give is like no other diet plan out there. Having the accountability and guidance has made a world of difference for me! 57 pounds and counting! Thank you!! 🙂


  2. I have two friends that did one of those diets where you eat next to nothing and have to take shots… They lost a ton of weight!

    I am sad to report that they couldn’t afford to stay on the plan forever and the eating wasn’t practical. Now, they have gained back every pound and then some. Even their ‘fat clothes’ don’t fit anymore!!

    There is no substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise.


  3. I know all to well the ups and downs of these weight loss facilities and I have paid the price. I have also fallen victim to doing the healthy thing and getting more active to find myself putting on weight. Very frustrating when your goal is to lose weight. Sometimes it’s about stepping back to find a new approach – your system does that. The biggest thing I am finding to have success is being prepared…which means take the time for yourself, take time to prepare meals to make the 9-5 grind easier – it also makes eating healthy easy for some reason – be prepared mentally and be prepared to take the journey in the end result – a healthy happier you – It takes time and that is what you have to be prepared for.


  4. I agree with Laurie about being prepared! If I take the time to buy the groceries, make the lunches and plan my dinners, I will not stray. However, if I’m disorganized & the hunger monster shows up… I will scramble to eat something quick & easy.

    I once had a friend who did the diet where you eat almost nothing & take the shots “under a doctor’s supervision”. She was losing weight at a crazy speed & actually got to the point where she didn’t look well. I tried to convince her to stop and start a sensible diet, but the quick results were too attractive to her. In the end I lost a friendship over it, because she thought I wasn’t being supportive. The last time I saw her, she had put back on all of the weight.

    I truly believe that sensible eating and a proper exercise routine is the way to go! Carrie is very good at encouragement – thanks for that!

    Now, if only I could quit my wine-ing!


  5. Thank you so much for the very kind words you have all expressed on the topic.

    It is so sad that in the desire to make money, these companies will have no problem sacrificing the health of their people. Sure some of the programs can lead to incredible losses, but what is the cost of that?

    You don’t gain the weight overnight, so why would they think you can lose it that way.

    I teach sensible eating, proper exercise and help you do it in an ethical and safe manner.

    But most importantly…you are the magic, you are the inspiration and you are my drive. Its all of you who commit to yourselves. Thank you.


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