The Best Health and Fitness Top Ten EVER!!!

1. Set Your Goals

There is an old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.” This holds true with health and fitness. It doesn’t matter what your goal is; weight loss, look better, eat healthier, run faster. You have to write it down and ensure that all your choices are aligned with your goal. What’s your goal? Post it on the blog, Tweet it, let me know.

2. Sleep

Your body renews itself while you sleep. It’s called the four R’s; Repair, recover, recuperate, remove. Repair damaged tissue, recover from stressors, recuperate from all functions of movement, removal of waste products from cells.  There is no badge of honour for only getting a few hours of sleep a night.  It will only age you and make you look tired.

3. Eat

Ever try to start your car without turning the key? It’s the same with your body. No matter how expensive, cool or flashy your car is, it doesn’t do anything without the key and with health and fitness food is the key, but it also has to be the right key, so choose the right foods.

4. No to Restaurants

Studies have shown that people who eat out consume over 30% more calories in each meal. Ever watch any of the popular cooking shows? Salt, season, sauce and sauté. They don’t even let you taste food…you taste everything else.  When you prepare the food, you control the portion and the food factor.  When was the last time you really got to taste the food in a restaurant?

5. Journal the Journey

I always ask my clients to do this. Part of it is for me to see what you are doing to make adjustments to their nutrition and exercise programs, but it is also so that they can see for themselves what they are putting into their bodies.  Most people never actually realize what they eat in a day until they see it on paper.

6. Consider the Carbs

Carbs ARE NOT the enemy! So lets put that to bed right now.  But, depending what your goals are you have to consider them. Looking for a kick-start for weight loss? Consider this; for every gram of carbs stored in your body, 3 grams of water are stored. By dropping the carbs you can easily lose 4‐5 pounds of water weight within a few days. Carbs are necessary for many body functions…they are an essential nutrient so you cannot cut them out completely.  I LOVE carbs…fibrous carbs, non-processed carbs like sweet potato which is also starchy carb.

7. Fluids

Start with water and include green tea. Non-caloric, no sugar. Make your fluid choices as close to water as you can.  That means NO alcohol. No juice or milk either. Liquid calories add up fast and are mostly comprised of sugars which convert and store perfectly as fat so you are best off to leave them off your list.

8. Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Fish are great for delivering essential fat (Omega 3-6-9) into your body, but too much has shown in studies to be harmful if you are getting some of the stuff you don’t want like mercury.  Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Haddock, Snapper are good options. If you want to supplement take fish oil capsules.  BONUS some can increase your metabolism by 400 calories per day. Aim for 5‐6g of EPA/DHA per day.

9. I Like to Move it, Move It, Move It

You can have everything else right and have some success.  That’s IF, you have everything else right.  Movement is the catalyst for weight loss, the fire in the furnace of fat burning and what you HAVE to do turn back the clock of aging.  Something as simple as stairs over the elevator or getting off your bus one stop sooner, every little bit of increased movement adds up.

10. Resistance Training

This is the icing on the cake, sorry. This is the flax seed in your 5-grain pancake mix! Where does fat get removed from your body…muscles.  What supports your skeleton…muscle.  What gives you defining form…muscle.  Taking care of your muscles by making them work turbo charges everything else you do and is the kicker into high gear!

11. Supplementation

BONUS point…taking a high quality multi vitamin, vitamin D with Calcium/Magnesium, DHA Omega 3. These have been my mainstays for 10 years.


  1. Hi Carrie, love your blog and your nutritional values. But, withing the fluids you say no milk, what about the un-sweetened almond mild that you have mentioned previously. Personally I love milk, but am willing to give it up with justifications.


    1. Hi Frank.
      Thanks for the feedback. I have tried most of the alternatives but the unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze is my personal favourite. My husband loves milk as well and he really likes this too. He said the hardest change to get used to wasn’t the taste but the fact it is slightly thicker than 3.25% milk. He was a skim milk drinker so the jump was noticeable. It really is good and when you add a small amount to water in a protein shake it gives a great texture and flavour!


  2. Hello Carrie,

    May I add #12, to make it an even dozen?

    #12. Find support. I never would have lost the 75 lbs if not for your support and the support of the other boot campers every week. I eventually fell in love with boot camp but initially, I found that the accountability helped me come back the next class. Besides, its always more fun to do activities with others and I met a lot of great people!



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